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  1. typical tough internet ahole !
  2. WOW lots of help on this thread !
  3. Can anyone provide me with directions and a access point to oak orchard creek..would love to go in the morning but have never been ?! Thnx in advance Sonny
  4. Jordan you would be correct ;( haha and I already missed a delivery coz of work ;( Tom thnx for the link, I hadn't even considered CTS for components/charts lol..who would of thunk it haha Cliff are you available for consultations??? lol
  5. My fly blank is in transit so im just looking for some feedback on what guides everyone likes or recommends?? also its a 10'6" so 1 or 2 stripper guides? and any sites/shops/factories that are highly regarded Thnx in advance, Sonny
  6. Thnx guys on the travel info but im looking more into whether or not there is a difference between performance in the two or is it a non issue?? Maybe Cliff can weigh in on this?
  7. Hi all, looking for some insight on what would be the better blank to purchase in a 8wt....3pc or 4pc... advantages vs disadvantages in the two ?? for what im buying its a difference of $20 so thats not a concern....the 4 pc being the more expensive one ! Any knowledge would be of help as I've only been fly fishing for 2 1/2 yrs now I currently use a 4 pc and often wondered what if this was a 3 or even a 2 pc, would it make a difference?? Thnx in advance
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