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  1. We tried once before, didn’t go well, but I think we’re going to try again, just not filets, maybe some fish dip or something. If we can find a good use for the meat it will be great cause we catch lots of them out there
  2. Hi all we ended going out of Maitland, and fished the bank for a while, then in 7 feet of water found huge schools of bass feeding on everything. Some of the most fun bass fishing on Erie we’ve had in a while. Nothing huge but lots of fun
  3. Hi all, looking for opinions. I want to go bassin on Erie tomorrow. Crystal beach is my usual spot but want to diversify. Port Maitland is closer and so would try it, but is it any good for bass, and if so, any advice would be great thanks tom
  4. Hey Bill, It's looking windy on Sunday, if you decide to reschedule, will you call people or post on here? thanks tom
  5. Erie is an amazing place, I only started fishing it last fall, and I'm hooked. Funny thing is that fish makes me look thin, I'm about 265. Cheers guys. Hope to see you out there
  6. It was just under 7 lbs
  7. Tommyboy

    Erie hog

    just wanted to share my pb bass. We hustled out after work one night last week, it was slow, only two bass all night, but this was one of them. Very shallow too. It's been a strange year on Erie tom
  8. I wonder if you could mount a rod holder to the side of the stroller ?
  9. Hi guys,I've started fishing Erie this year for the first time since I was a kid. I've heard horror stories about it blowing up quickly and with big rollers so I've been very careful about picking my days. I was planning on going Saturday but noticed winds around 10 kn and blowing up to 13 from the south. I haven't been out with that much wind from the south yet, what should I expect? I've got a 15.5' side console and am going to stay close to shore thanks tom
  10. Hi guys heading to arrowhead park this weekend with the family. I'm not bringing the boat and am wondering if anyone has fished there before and specifically from shore. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks tom
  11. Been on Erie twice for bass, kept 4 one day and 5 the other with two guys fishing, but they were pretty long days of fishing to get there. The bite was few and far between. Hopefully things heat up soon
  12. Well I guess I'll try keeping a few next time I'm out thanks guys tom
  13. Hey guys, so I was out on Erie Saturday and caught a couple of big sheepshead. I let them go but then was wondering if anyone eats them? I assumed not but has anyone tried?
  14. Was out on Erie too. Tubes weren't working for us. Ended up with 4 keepers in the 2lb range. Boy was it hot, and the CB ramp was stacked up. 12 boats in front of us to get out, and several jet skis cutting the line didn't help
  15. I went shopping the next day
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