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  1. Ive been to Algonquin many times and always see leeches in the water. Lots up there
  2. I was ice fishing at " **** " last weekend, and a CO came out on the ice and checked everyones huts.. Didnt even knock just walked in. Didnt have a copy on me and told him i just purchased a 3 year sports license from bass pro 2 weeks a go.. Said i looked honest and moved on. Everyone else had theirs with them. He left by saying its a $250 fine for not having it.. Got lucky i guess
  3. I used to paddle the upper river and catch trout/eyes by the peace bridge any questions you got with wiring for lights, anchors ect i can give some guidance
  4. Ahah got ya. What kind of kayak do you have?
  5. They work well with the kayaks i have one! Tie it off when youre sitting still and pull it in when youre paddling
  6. I have a 3 man hut and a heater.. Busy on feb 02 using a guide southwest ontario
  7. Thats great. Good luck Tyler!
  8. Interested in keeping this running. Experienced with website hosting, design, and management.
  9. Most people i see are catching with roe right now. I caught a zombie salmon last week on a bead/bag combo and an accidental laker on a spoon. Good luck
  10. I saw someone catch a bow off a lipless crank on that little ""island" that juts out at the end of dufferin.. All ive got is snags.
  11. Im not going to say its ideal but we take our 1985 14' tinner out and survive.. Went out today.. Mmm pickeral
  12. Something definitely needs to be done i agree!
  13. couple of the many we got the other day
  14. Sorry didn't see this; thanks went out in the "area" last weekend and had some okay luck. definitely not much around right meow
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