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  1. Dave 524 looks like we posted at the same time 👍
  2. Was called Wells Bait but not there any more was actualy by there yesterday and the building is gone
  3. I do frequent 1 other site with the same results as here and its local. 👍
  4. Jwl1 this was all before the ME WORLD came it to it.... It is a SORRY WORLD WE NOW LIVE IN....
  5. Wishing Every one a HAPPY NEW YEAR 👍
  6. Merry Christmas to your family as well Bruce and to every one else
  7. It was one of the Great Comedy Shows along with others 😍
  8. That is when Comedy and Laughter was something to Laugh at Woops showing my age.... l dont care 👍😍
  9. Ever watch Lavern & Shirley Show
  10. Terry Kelly - A Pittance of Time (Official Version) - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch
  11. Found it not thinking old age kicking in 🙄
  12. Where is our Classified section at?
  13. Fingers playing games.... Picked up one today at Walmart for 16.99 to try Thanks for the help 👍
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