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  1. Call City Hall on Tuesday’s and ask for the Councillor for your area and get their number… that might help
  2. What people need to realize is that kids are so excited to play and they forget … just like we all forget at times… Drive in Residential Areas like your kids are out there.. l don’t care that the speed limit is 50 kmp unless posted. What is WRONG WITH 30 or 40KMP to save a PERSONS LIFE KID OR NOT.. Whe have 30KMP in our Neighborhood with Enforcement..
  3. Thank you sir 👍will check them out doing my 14ft tinny
  4. Smerchly where can l get the etching primer and what is the name on the can sir thank you🤔
  5. Dropped 2 off there today.. Always great service
  6. We all know Airports are a Federal matter that controls the Airports. Ford has been asking for the shutdown to passengers as people coming from Other Countries are moving around bringing in these viruses in, the hotels are a farse as is the quarantine order that they are not enforcing. People saying screw you l will take the fine and just go where ever they are going. These people are coming here ( proven fact) with the virus and some tested Positive and still leaving the airport. How did they leave the other countries with these viruses? Load them back on the plane and send them back to where they came from. WE need better control. I will not get into a pissing match over this....
  7. Close ALL AIRPORTS unless Cargo Planes
  8. Happy Easter to you also Tony and your Family and All Here on this site 🐇🐰
  9. I guess it was my Comment that did it... Sorry to all on this site
  10. Do not see DATE is it me l must be blind
  11. I used to run a fishing derby for the kids at the trailer park l was in for 17yr and our very own bigugli Bruce and his son Robt was a supporter & sponsor " Thanks as always Bruce" and it was a lot of hard work but it was a great time and fun....
  12. Dave 524 looks like we posted at the same time 👍
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