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  1. Terry Kelly - A Pittance of Time (Official Version) - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch
  2. Found it not thinking old age kicking in 🙄
  3. Where is our Classified section at?
  4. Fingers playing games.... Picked up one today at Walmart for 16.99 to try Thanks for the help 👍
  5. Thank you sir will check it out tomorrow 👍
  6. Looking to find a small scale to weigh up my jigs. Any Ideas as to where l can locate any. Tks
  7. Excellent Gift Bruce 👍
  8. Burlington Beach Strip in Burlington $250.00 they are not parking there no more... even spotted 1 parked on the grass... TOW TRUCK HOOKING UP WITH BY LAW there also LOL 👍
  9. Great guy indeed just a hobby for him
  10. The only place l know is Kenny Reel Repair in Hamilton
  11. You are right Chris... I am paying over $75.00 more than what I paid on the Winter months
  12. Has any one noticed the LARGE CHARGES on you hydro bill that Ford said would help because more people are home. OLD RATES were.....Off Peak...6.5 cents per Hr....Mid Peak ...9.4 Cents on Peak...13.2 cents..... Now all 24/7 as of June 1st .....12.8 cents per Hr..... Where are they SAVING US MONEY ?????? What do you think ???
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