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  1. Smerchly, Never take their1st offer and do your research on your vehicle for proper value. They will try to LOW BALL you.. DO NOT LET THEM... STAND FIRM... know your rights to fair settlement....
  2. Filled up last night in Hamilton @ Pioneer for 107.4 cost $95.00 to squeeze in to truck,, Prices suppose to hit $1.40 by next week they say... just in time for Easter when people start to travel
  3. Merry Christmas to all at NFN and to all a Great Day
  4. Congrats to Rob.... now he is committed
  5. I was watching a fishing show a few years back and watched the host cut off some fishing line wrap it up in a ball and discard it in to the water.... ... sent him a email to his show and he apologized for his mistake and claimed he usually discards it properly will not name the show ...sorry
  6. Was there yesterday Dave.. Water was rough but did see 1 dock still in by the wall

  7. That is an interesting Article
  8. Ministry of the Environment They would like to know
  9. I am very happy that you appreciated the music I was able to find.... I have heard In A Pittance of Time many times and it always get in to my throat .... Highway of Heroes was writen by my dear friend Terry Sumsion before he passed from cancer.
  10. There is also a video there that is even more touching to watch
  11. I can not believe we have no comments to this I hope people appreciate these songs as l know there are more out there Only one from smerchly that likes it
  12. Some things to Remember with the Day Coming around A Pittance of Time shot in 1999 in Dartsmouth Nova Scotia song by Terry Kelly 5,09 min.... and Highway of Heroes by Terry Sumsion one is 3.08 min and another is in studio recording 3.23 min both on youtube... hope they help you remember the cause ... LEST WE FORGET
  13. Okay thanks smerchly looking for 4x4 and newer but thanks any way
  14. What type p;u do you have and price could be interested in it
  15. Loonietoon1

    Old Lure

    I have a couple of those made from wood, mine are black with silver dots on them both with the small treble hooks.. now sitting on my wall beside some fish mounts
  16. Thank you Chris already contacted me and gave me a name of a person I know Chris very well and forgot that he would know somebody :slap:
  17. Sorry just had to as looking for some one qualified to do this is hard as some feel they know and others WeEEEEELLLL that is a whole different story LOL Sorry
  18. Any one know of one in hammertown for reel repairs and tune ups??
  19. The distribution center in Stoney Creek is the main place and if lucky he might have some blems around full warranty and a little cheaper because of some marks on them.. just a thought???
  20. I would also recommend Interstate Batterys never had a problem with them.. still running 2 for the bowmount 1 crank and 1 to run everthing else last replacement was 5-6 yrs ago.. Distrbution center off Garden Ave in Stoney Creek is who I deal with
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