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  1. We use the same gauge for Silver Bass. "once the forsythia start to bloom"
  2. Thanks Walleyemike. Had my sights set on getting her ready tomorrow and hittin' the water on Sunday. Sadly the weather looks like crap all week next week. Might just leave her buttoned up for another week or so. Seems Mother Nature might be suffering from alzheimer's.
  3. Lund Fury 1600. Motor is dealer installed. As for the hole it is set at, she's still all wrapped up for Winter. Coming out of her shell soon though. For Quinte I don't have the battery life for my bow mount. So I rely on the 40. Dragging a sock does the trick. Already had one anyway. In hindsight, I wouldn't have dropped a grand on the Big Tiller. I went for it primarily for the idle control. Just doesn't get me there. (less than 2 mph). Serves well for other species. You can bump up the rpm in 50 rev increments. Looks pretty. All controls are conveniently located and operate easily. Just don't see it as being worth an extra $1000.00. (2013)
  4. I run a Big Tiller Handle on my 40 horse Mercury four stroke. With the factory four blade Spitfire prop it won't troll below 2 miles per hour. (750 RPM)The stock propeller provides excellent overall performance. Three large bodies and all our gear and she runs out at about 30 mph @6000 rpm. Just won't troll down to walleye speed. Rather than prop down and lose performance, I drag a drift sock in order to achieve lesser speeds. The Big Tiller handle itself is much more convenient than the stock handle. Power trim and tilt, shift lever and rpm control all within easy reach. Three years ago it was a $1000 upgrade. Not sure of today's cost. Boil it all down and personally I don't think it's worth it. .
  5. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.
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