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  1. Caught this floating on Martindale. I saw her follow my spinnerbait and tried a "figure 8" at the boat just for fun. She stalked it and took a swipe at it! Missed her and made a few more casts before she hit.
  2. Hey everyone, Just thought maybe we could get a picture thread going of some enjoyable times you had fishing in 2019. This was my first fish caught from my new kayak at Martindale, looking forward to (hopefully) getting out again soon.
  3. Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I booked a cottage on an island located on Newboro lake, part of the Rideau lakes. I was just wondering if anyone has ever fished it or heard anything. We are going up one week before bass opens so it's a pike and panfish trip. Getting excited for spring!
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a picture of my first fish I've ever caught at port. I've been out at least a dozen times with no luck but I managed to catch this walleye in the morning on a worm. Quick picture then back in the water. cheers.
  5. I'm from Brantford and fished carp exclusively for a few years. Try Wilkes dam, walk down till about Indian dam ... All along there are plenty, big ones too. PB for me is a 30 pound mirror, but caught lots of commons above 20
  6. It's a shame to hear it gets fished out, my plan was to teach my girlfriend proper catch and release this weekend. Will it already be fished out of trout by then? Is it worth going?
  7. Awesome, let me know how they taste!
  8. Website tells me 8am-8pm I was thinking of taking my girlfriend there on the weekend and crashing the door for 8am, any idea when people start showing up? Will it still be shoulder to shoulder?
  9. I've been doing some scouting lately for spots to fish that are close to me. I walked down the Merritt trail, starting in the small dirt parking lot right off of Wellend Vale road. According to google maps there is a "Lilly's" b&b right beside this lot. I walked downstream with the trail for 2km or so and found what looked to be some good spots to fish with a bit less current. I was wondering if anyone has tried this stretch and produced anything.
  10. Wow thanks for all the insight guys, this is a great forum and am glad I joined. I am originally from Branford Ontario and grew up fishing the Grand for all species, so I'm not as experienced with stronger current fishing and the gear that would suit so I appreciate all these responses. Admin- I am taking classical guitar performance at Brock in the new performing centre that just opened up downtown st.kitts.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this forum and also very new to the city (st. Catharines). I'm here for university and as the semester comes to an end and the warm weather approaches I'm eager to try all the spots I've read about on here. I'm looking for a rod and reel combo that I can use at the whirlpool and port Dalhousie for steelies, salmon, pike but is also versatile enough to use in any fishing situation. Being a student cash isn't of abundance, I'd like to buy a rod and reel for a good price. Does anybody have any suggestions? Or maybe have a second hand setup they are looking to pass off? I appreciate any help!
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