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  1. I was out hunting this weekend and walked upon a tree and around the base were different piles animal scat from the same animal. I have seen this once before and after researching online i couldn't find anything on it. My question is what animal goes to the same tree to go to the washroom and what animal is that big i have never seen a pile that big. I Included a few pictures of what i saw hope no one gets grossed out . Thanks for any help
  2. Nice video have you ever dived In the wellend river (chippawa creek) ?
  3. I thought it was called "snot" it was pretty annoying last weekend on the river
  4. Nice fish, obviously you're on the American side. I was wondering if the rules have changed at all for crossing the border and calling in i had heard that they did. thanks
  5. Thanks for the replys i will try some bread but I was wondering has anyone on here used a fly rod to target carp
  6. So me and my friend took our bikes down to dufferin islands today and I brought a rod and some corn because I know there are carp in there. When we got there we spooked a bunch but they Continued to swim around. We could see all the fish but couldn't get them to pick up the corn we had out. so my question is how can you catch carp that you can see? Keep in mind I have never really targeted carp so don't know much about it but figured corn was a good choice . I'm now pretty determined to catch one of these but don't really know how. Any help I could get would be appreciated .
  7. Those are nice! I want to try fishing for some of those
  8. I have never used one but pretty sure a common brand is sea hawk
  9. Ok thanks guys I figured it would be better by the bridges espically the old train bridge i have seen a few videos of scub diving there and there were lots of fish around the bridge. Thanks for the input
  10. Hey, I drove past the old wellend canal a couple days ago and it looked like a pretty good spot to walk around and fish. The part im interested In is by the rowing club at the end of the canal I was wondering if anyone has had any success bass fishing from shore there. I know you can catch panfish from there but I'm interested in if there's bass there. Thanks for whatever help you guys can give.
  11. Has anyone been bass fishing In the upper lately or Erie. I have only been out a few times catching a couple fish the green snot In The water is kinda making it hard to fish with spinnerbaits and I think the weeds bloomed early this year because it's really hard fishing tubes without getting it coverd in weeds. Hows everybody else doing so far
  12. Doesn't bass open on lake o this weekend
  13. Can't wait, hope to put put a lot of time on the water this year. For me on the upper river and Erie A tube jig and a 4 inch wacky rig, when they are a little more active and the conditions are right spinnerbaits and jerk bait all day. Might try Lake Ontario this year
  14. Does anyone here use a trolling motor stabilizer for when they are running in rough water? I know they make them for bass boats but they are to short for deep v's. Has anybody made or bought one and used it on a deep v if so can you post a picture. Thanks
  15. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with a Johnson motor. More specifically a 2005 Johnson 70 horse 4 stroke. Are they good?Bad?Reiable? Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Im ok for now, i have a box and once its too small im thinking of getting the plano 3700 spinnerbait box. Thanks for the offer though.
  17. I have been organizing some of my fishing gear and one thing i have always struggled organizing are spinnerbaits i have tried boxes and binders but i feel there could be a better way. Im wondering what everybody does to keep their spinnerbaits organized. Thanks
  18. Thanks for all the help and the offers it a helped
  19. We have done a lot of looking I was just interested in what other people use
  20. Me and my Dad are looking to upgrade to a new boat for fishing Lake Erie we are doing a lot of thinking about brand,length,style. I'm interested in what type of boats you guys run on Erie and if you could tell me about your boat and how you like it? Thank you for any responses
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