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    Fishing obviously... Bass, Trout, Pike, Salmon and Panfish anything that swims really!

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  1. never ended up going, would love too though one day!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm in the dunnville area this weekend was hoping to get some fishing in does anyone have any pointers or tips to get me on some fish? I'm at Rock Point Prov Park and the rocks was where I was going to get started with some jigs and twister tails(hoping for walleyes) nothing though.....
  3. This is from today..... We threw jerkbaits,deepcranks and dropshot... got a couple of nice ones!
  4. I was going to go float for smallmouth in port to get some practice in before the season!
  5. Thanks you so much for the great tips! Tight lines!
  6. At the moment I have a 13'6" float rod
  7. Okay I will lol I have bottom bounced before just new to float fishing lol
  8. How long would I make my line from my float to my hook? Could I pm you?
  9. I am in niagara lol as I do not own a car I can not make it there...
  10. I am new to pinning as I have just recently picked one up! Can anyone help me with learning how to shot a shot line? And is there anywhere where I can get my line wet and do some practicing before the upcoming season?
  11. Windmill point has a quarry full of sunfish and bass!
  12. Went there today lots and lots of big carp and my buddy got a 20inch pike! Also try the marina big big big panfish and carp!
  13. ended up going to gibson and got 2 oos largies (was casting rapala j11 for pike was not targeting bass) saw 2 pike that wouldnt bother even moving for my bait.... Can't seem to catch a pike
  14. lol I was going to head there tonight as well I will tell you how I did!
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