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  1. I finally heard back, they suggested to contact the municipality for further information. I did go fishing this morning tho, unfortunately came home empty handed but was happy to see my car wasn't towed away.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the insight into this question. I did get in contact with the mnr which requested a map and photos but I haven't heard back yet after I sent those.
  3. My main concern is my car being towed away for parking there. I do try and be respectful of private property, but in the case of the break wall I'm not quite sure that would be private property.
  4. Yes, that is correct. They're saying that area is private and inaccessible now for the general public. I will email the mnr and post their response when I get a reply.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I should clarify I was fishing from shore, and wanted to access the break wall at the qew overpass. I emailed the hotel and got a response which I'll share, looks like the area is off limits now which is very unfortunate. Here is the email I received: Yes – access to the beach and break wall are restricted. The marina is a private business and access to the docks is for members only. Fishing is permitted on the lake side only by boat – which can be launched from our property (launch fee applies). Jordan Harbour – part of
  6. Has anyone been to Jordan Harbour lately? I was going to do some fishing after work tonight but they've posted no trespassing signs as well as a sign saying vehicles may be towed. I did try emailing the hotel and the marina there with no reply. Just wondering if anyone on here had any more insight into it. I did end up fishing further west of the marina in vineland with no luck, but the fresh air was worth the lost lure! I had great luck there last spring, but I think the lower water levels are not going to allow for that kind of success this year.
  7. Thanks for the tips everyone. Going to try to get out after work this week and see if i can find some.
  8. Does anyone on here eat catfish they catch? I can remember my grandfather catching and cleaning bullheads (i think thats what they were) that he used to catch in Crystal Beach. I remember them being tasty. Fun to catch either way regardless.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe it would be better to find another lake to try other than nippising.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has ever stayed at a fishing lodge? Looking at staying somewhere that has boat rentals as well as the cottage. I have found a few that we inquired about but if you have first hand experience somewhere and you would recommend it id love to hear about it. Fishing for walleye or northern pike is what we are after. We would go as far as nipissing as well.
  11. The west side is definitely private property. The no trespassing signs are all the same so im just assuming the land owner must own the property on the other side of the creek as well. Signs must be new because there wasnt one when i was there a couple months ago, there was a lot of garbage left behind so maybe the land owner got tired of cleaning it up.
  12. Ill give google earth another try. I see there are some other trails in the area but ill have to do a bit of scouting sometime and see if i can locate an access point. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Hey everyone, new to the site and have been doing a lot of reading and hiking around the area looking for some decent spots to fish. I have been down in jordan by the campground. On the side of the bridge where the parking lot is, theres a trail leading towards the lake that opened up to a few spots that looked like it would be nice and quiet to set up a chair and put a line in the water. But when i went today, there was a no trespassing sign. My question is, are there any other trails leading into that area that arent on private property?
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