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  1. I'm in no rush hope your ok and that your recovery goes well
  2. Also cliff did you change your number I have been trying to reach you
  3. Need info on rod repair need to replace a guide on my fenwik eagle GT
  4. I don't do much walleye fishing but the old boys I go with seem to catch fish this same way no matter what time of year the come up shallow at night to feed
  5. Haven't fished there before but would love to see more videos
  6. Awesome video would love to dive and check out the muskies
  7. There used to be lots of brook trout in there but as of the past couple years there numbers are declining due to the water warming up mainly because of run off from farmers fields making the water darker as well as the streams are running through fields that are cleared for farming which warms them up and they like cool water I belive there is some people out there trying to fight to save them but people don't seem to care about our water these days
  8. Restouleand commanda are both Great Lakes to fish I prefer restoule I go every fall and kill the walleye and musky the cottage we go to is on a small point / island depends on hight of water. But we got a 53 " Muskie right off the dock while cleaning our walleye from the previous night Also the best time for the walleye is just before the sun goes down. We just troll perch coloured rapalas really slow in 8 foot of water doing a s curve pattern changing depth and speed all the time and always get them right in front of our cottage also get lots of lake trout as well. Haven't been able to get any bass tho
  9. I think that charging for this info is a bad idea if I were Dennis I would have my shop open and use this to bring people to my shop which is in a prime location maybe have like a club or something to bring people together over some good fishing banter although I have noticed that guys seem to be very pretentious if there so called good fishermen I would rather spend countless hours not catching fish than pay for the info but I will pay for baits that I know are working along with some tips on how to use them Look at peters tackle they do great because there open and there friendly also always willing to give advise
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