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  1. Hello all. Got a new to me boat this year. After about 15 hours on the water, I lost my trust... Checked out all out, pulled off my lower unit and found my coupler is completely stripped. In ordered a new coupler but can't get my hands on a tool to align it Anyone on here have one I could borrow?
  2. I was there today, so it is open. I also had a conversation with someone with close knowledge to the stocking program. The conversation was from over a month ago, but I was told they were stocking, but they didn't know actual numbers until the funding would be realeased. But the kids got 1 today so they are in there.
  3. I'm on 1.5 acres, with 40 acres of farm directly behind me. He was around a ton when he got the 2, but now no tracks no nothing. Oh well... Be ready for the next time.
  4. I'm saying no under current lockdown rules. No different then going into a home. That's the way I understand the law... Not the way I like it...
  5. Funny, last night I said to my wife I should just use the compound bow. With the snowfall, there was tons of tracks.
  6. Agreed. I wouldn't take the shot unless I was sure of it. Never want to shoot twice, that's for sure.
  7. Thanks all. Thanks for the reply. Picked up some quite. The coyote was around again yesterday. I hadn't got the ammo yet so I stalked it with a pitch form. LOL. We will see what the next few days brings. Cheers
  8. Yesterday, I had a coyote come in and take 2 chickens from my yard. He hung around a while looking for another chance but I has able to lock away the rest of the flock before any more were lost. I do live outside the urban boundary, and I know my rights to protect livestock. However, across the street from me is a urban sub division. I know if I shoot my standard .22, the loudness of the shot may get a few phonecalls. So I'm thinking a high powered CO2 .22 Anyone have any experience using these on coyote?
  9. If the fees are a money grab, I'm against them. I don't mind paying for access provided the fees go to building better access and maintaining. Look around, so many spots we have been able to fish before are no fishing zones now. Anthough this isn't ideal, it's better then them closing the access points all together.
  10. I had read that the lease ran out for the pirate cove and they were looking to move it to Welland on the river or old canal. But I think the Welland idea tanked!
  11. No way they stocked it. I was there Sunday, just some bass and sunfish.
  12. Sad to hear Fred.... Think I might drag the kids there tonight after school. If we have no luck, might be done for the year.
  13. Every one er i take my kids to St. John's just as my father took me 30 years earlier. Always a great time in my 30 years previous. This year, I noticed they had done a lot of work to the shore line, armour stone around more then half. However, the pond is in poor shape. So much algae and sea weed, and we haven't hit may or consistent warm weather. The introduction of sun fish and bass may have something to do with it but I feel like the pond needs a cleaning. The other issue is how many trout are actually put in! I remember as a 10 year old hearing 1000 trout we're dumped in for opener. 10 years later, over 500.... Today, I saw 4 trout caught around the pond. This was 1:30pm. Very sad that the stocking program seems to be falling off as new generation of fishers won't be able to enjoy the magic of fishing there.
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