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    The best defense for hunters is spraying your  clothes/gear with a permethrin spray.
    Can't buy it for human use in Canada, but TSC stores sells a spray called Ultra Shield for horses that contains the same % of permethrin as sold in the U.S. for human use.
    I sprayed all my outer camo clothes & gear with it last year before the turkey season, and no ticks.
    Did it again in the fall before archery deer season started - no ticks.
    Just had all the gear hung out last week and doused everything to get ready for this spring's hunt.
    Supposed to last for 7-9 weeks before you need to reapply.
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    check out Niagara falls archery club
    they have a range across from station five in chippawa
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    That's awesome, enjoy. Remember that if you flush one and miss, if one of you follows it and the other guy stays put, rabbits will always run in circles. It may be a big circle but it will go right back over its tracks again. Just gotta watch the guy waiting doesn't shoot the guy chasing. Let us know how it turns out. 
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    thanks for your info that's what I was planning on doing too
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