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  1. If I understand the new system correctly. Whoever received a tag and accepted their tag. They will have zero points for next year regardless of how many points they had to start.That means everybody moves up the ladder with their points if they didn't receive a tag. This is what was explained to me and they way I understand it.
  2. Check out www.ohep.net They have the online/virtual hunting education coarse.
  3. Try Bay City Marine in Hamilton. Service has always been quick and reliable
  4. Great news. Boat launches can open on Saturday May 16th at 12:01. I wonder how many will actually open on Saturday. The cities will have to remove all their barricades. Will they do it on Friday or Saturday or wait until Tuesday to remove thme since it is a long weekend. Lets see what happens
  5. Thanks for the advice. I may just have to wit till the later in the day to get one. I'll let you know how I make out in the next few days
  6. Queenston Boat launch and St. Catharines Game and Fish Launch. Queenston to Bar about a 10 to 15 min ride depending how fast you can go. St. Catherine Game and Fish and Port Weller ride may take 20 to 25 min depending on lake conditions and how fast you can go.
  7. I have been hunting my farm for the past 5 days. I have a flock of 20 birds and they have been out smarting me. They are not coming out of the same spot everyday nor are they traveling the same route every day. I just cant call them into my decoys. Frustrating but I am having a lot of fun. I will get one soon. I hope. good luck to all those that are hunting Turkey this spring
  8. Happy Easter to everyone and be safe out there. this will hopefully be over soon or least under control soon and we can all get back on the water.
  9. Good Day Guys. I finally got the boat out of storage on Friday. Started it up and put everything back on it and its ready to go. Spring Salmon Derby is first on Ontario. That starts on April 13th. Once the ice is out on Erie. I will try to get a few times for some perch days. After that, more salmon, perch and walleye. Everybody have a great, fun and safe year out and around the water. Talk to everyone once the action heats up for me Later
  10. I may be a bit late on this. But hear it goes. Congrats Tyler for stepping up and purchasing NFN to keep it going. Thanks to cliff for starting such a great place and all the hard work you have put in over the years.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I havent' been very active on the board this year due to a personal reasons. Hopefully next year will be a better year and ill be more active. For all those who ice fish. Be safe out there and have a good hard water season. Talk to you all in the new year.
  12. I use offshore releases. Both white and black for walleye and only the black ones when i'm on Ontario for salmon
  13. Great to hear. I'm headed there this weekend for a three trip. I hope to be catching and release a bunch of fish.
  14. Hi Guys. I have a guy that I have used twice. His name is Keith Broere from KB Canvas. He is located in Virgil on 4 Mile Creek road. His number is 905-658-1782 He does repairs and custom builds any tops that you need with any material. What ever your budget allows he will do for you. He does great work. Hope this helps the two of you out.
  15. Was out this morning on Lake Ontario. We caught one Laker and 3 Salmon betweent 60 to 100 fow with all the lures down between 25' and 15 feet deep. Three hits at the 15' depth on the dipsy and one on the diver at 25' deep. We were out in front of the canal. There were about 25 boats out that way this morning. Didn't mark much either. The lake was flat and it was a joy to be out there this morning. Tomorrow is perch day on Erie.
  16. Whenever I am up at north at my hunt and fish camp. I always clean the fish on shore and then take the bucket of guts and take a boat trip to the center of the lake and dump the bucket contents over board. I think its great food for everything that wants to eat it that lives in the water. As for the Niagara River. I say if you throw it out far enough away from the shore that people can't see it to raise a stink about it. You will be fine. When I am out fishing salmon on Lake O or Walleye on Erie. I sometimes clean my fish out on the water before coming in. No mess at home and no guts to worry about or stink up the house before garbage day. the wife seems to like that. But there occasions when I bring a lot of perch home and have to clean them there. It is a bit of a pain with the wife. Just thought I'd give my two cents.
  17. Happy New Year to all the board members and guests who may read this. For all those that will be ice fishing, good luck and be safe out there. To the rest of us who don't ice fish. Can't wait until April rolls around. Happy New Year
  18. Thanks for the reminder. I was planning to go that way to launch on Sunday. I will make new plans now.
  19. If someone can kindly tell me what and or were the can is. I have never heard of that before. Thanks in advance
  20. Eliminate all restrictions on sub forums. Just adding my two cents.
  21. Got out Saturday morning for some eyes. the lake was very calm. The sky was overcast and not to warm out. My other son was home from BC visiting and he has never fished with me for eyes on erie. He also has never caught and eye. Well that all changed in a matter of 4 hours. He caught 3 sheep head, 1 bass and 4 eyes. I think he had one the best times of his life fishing with me. It was a thrill to watch him bring them in.. Plan on taking him out late this week before he goes back to BC.
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