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  1. Exactly it would be so easy , I asked them why they couldn't do that and he said Niagara Parks won't pay to man it and check ID's lol and recently Niagara Parks took 12.8 million dollars of our tax dollars for free ! its the same BS clown circus every spring there, so sick of it .
  2. Talked to the Niagara parks officers as they were kicking everyone out td including me ,they said it was because of the mass amounts of out of towner SMELT NETTERS go figure lol , they were getting to many calls from concerned local citizens because of the lack of physical distancing, the Garbage everywhere , Fires, etc , Thanks again SMELT NETTERS from out of town, thanks for trashing our home and ruining it for us locals again ! 🤬
  3. The Canal opens March 19th this year.
  4. Its still closed and the unofficial word I got it will remain closed into spring ! A few days after the public boat launch information session, Niagara parks took 12.8 million dollars of tax payers money for free and they are NOT using any of that money towards the boat ramps , send those emails to Niagara parks boys 🤬
  5. Buick Riviera Boat Tail. looks like a 72 . what a beaut ! the 65 Riviera GS is one of my favs. old guys were lucky to live in those days of yesteryear.
  6. I know what it is, but I'm not old. 🤐
  7. Happy New Year to everyone ! cheers guys 🍻
  8. There is a new Aquaview out, it is four cameras in one , 360 degree view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLWVuV3_b90
  9. "If you don't want to take the vaccine for personal reasons, that's your choice, but please don't spread the BS." I Agree X2
  10. Merry Christmas to all 🎅 🦌🦌 🦌🦌 🦌🦌 🦌🦌 🛷
  11. The border is closed . you can only fish Canadian water.
  12. I bought a new Suzuki in 2016 ,don't have anything negative to say about it and price and warranty cannot be beat , I got it at C.A.S power marine in Ayr its just off the 401 outside of cambridge , they had the best prices on new suzuki's in ontario at the time .
  13. Congrats that's a beauty lake O perch.
  14. Beauty tail color on that carpolla !
  15. Good job and beauty sunset pic.
  16. Those bluegills are look'n delish , Nice job slaying the pannies !
  17. Guys there is No crossing into american water ever since the border was closed.
  18. Thanks again China, keep destroying the planet , god damn snakes.
  19. That's a nice piggy ,they are lovin your pack bait. nice job Ty.
  20. Congrats on your new chunky pb, I like how you use a landing mat. respect👍
  21. Good luck hope you guys get a few , they are delicious
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