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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Chrisb in where to get propane refill   
    price update. I did some checking today for a 20 pound BBQ tank
    Prince Charles Drive at Riverside - $25
    Prince Charles Drive at Lincoln beside Pioneer - $20
    Freegas Fonthill - $17.
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to smerchly in Queenston is now Closed   
    Not really "us" anglers who mostly keep our spots clean . Those "snowflake artists" have been doing this everywhere . Our permissive "liberal" society allows this crap to continue with little consequences . Much of the garbage there comes from "visitors" who either don't know any better ,  or don't give a rat's ass about the garbage. .....We certainly could use more plain clothes MNR  people .....and start the fines at $1000 .(money talks)  .
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to rab546 in Queenston is now Closed   
    I would love to see it Smerch. I would even be willing to pay more for my fishing license to support it.
    There just doesn't seem to be any interest in enforcing it to protect our access and environment. 
    Education and changing peoples attitudes has been the focus and I agree to some degree that has worked but for the rest they only respond to repercussions for their actions. 
    We both have probably carried a ton of garbage out of there over the years and it continues to accumulate. I applaud the person that put the garbage bins in and try's to manages those because it doesn't belong to the town.
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to GREYHAWK in Queenston is now Closed   
    Freedom and rights come with responsibilities and right now IMO the factor in all of this is a pandemic which has only gotten worse because too many people tend to think of only themselves. If we followed proper protocols - mask wearing, social distancing , non essential cross regional travelling, limited gathering - a good many activities could still continue, but it appears we are not willing to do that. Try to see the bigger picture in all of this. This stage of the pandemic is far worse than the first when we seemed more willing to follow severe protocols, so why do we whine and wane during a stage that is much more contagious even affecting younger age groups?
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Tony in Queenston is now Closed   
    I know that it's important to take steps to protect the beauty of Niagara and the surrounding areas, but it's a shame that we are limited to shore fishing spots in the region............For people that only fish from shore (like me), we can't afford to have any more fishing locations taken away from us....................
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    NiagaraRiverFisher got a reaction from Rdubs in Queenston is now Closed   
    Talked to the Niagara parks officers as they were kicking everyone out td including me ,they said it was because of the mass amounts of out of towner SMELT NETTERS  go figure lol , they were getting to many calls from concerned local citizens because of the lack of physical distancing, the Garbage everywhere , Fires, etc  , Thanks again SMELT NETTERS from out of town, thanks for trashing our home and ruining it for us locals again ! 🤬 
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to genec in Vaccine...................   
    We got our first shot today at the St. Catharines arena.
    Got to give Niagara Health system kudos for their setup...Very well organized and efficiently run with a LOT of people helping.  
    Our appt. was for 1:20, and by 1:45 we were on our way home.
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to kgm in Lockdown Screws Up Turkey Season   
    It's exercise isn't it?  Exercise is one reason to leave the house that is "permitted 
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Mbocco in Trolling Lake O   
    A few more today.  All between 9-11lbs from 15-20ft of green clear water.    They would only take 1 single lure which had to be green. 

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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Mbocco in Trolling Lake O   
    Didn’t forget my net today!

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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Loonietoon1 in Happy Easter................   
    Happy Easter to you also Tony and your Family and All Here on this site 🐇🐰
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Tony in Happy Easter................   
    Wishing everyone in this great group a Happy Easter..........Best wishes and good health for the remaining days of 2021...............

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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Ross in April 1 st !   
    Canada is actually really bad at testing and detecting/diagnosing Lyme when compared to the states. I’ve read about people who are told they don’t have lyme for quite some time and have to go to doctors in Florida to finally get diagnosed correctly, at a high price of course... 
    it’s a shame too considering how many ticks there are in southern Ontario. 
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Mbocco in sports   
    NBA Basketball just might be worse 
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to smerchly in sports   
    I don't watch any sports now except fishing related ..... ( the power of boycott)
      I used to be a hockey fan ( go Bruins ! ) ,but over the years  Big bucks turned sports into a brutal "game" where the players use brute force instead of skill . The wimmins play better hockey today !  Now , sports has turned political . When I seen them "taking the knee" and pissing on their own countries flag .....time to say goodbye .  ....same goes for other "sports" . So I only watched the Olympic sports , until they found  crooked judges ,,,,,,  Soccer is a good game for the kids ....lots of good exercise ......but  "adult" soccer is now win at any cost  as well ....and become a multi millionaire ..
         .....sent to me via email ......  typical soccer "pro"    (we use that word too freely)

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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to dave524 in Dain City Tavern   
    Bought my first shotgun from John Whelan in '65, dad and the Whelans go way back into the 40's. Drank a lot of brown pops with Gus and Dave in his basement in the 70/80's surrounded by milling machines, lathes and drill presses etc. 

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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Surf and Turf in Trolling Lake O   
    Sounds like an exciting outing. Don't worry. all us guys tend to overestimate the size of fish, among other things and underestimate the cost of gear and the number of beer we had when together with friends, so it all balances out in the end.
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to smerchly in Dain City Tavern   
    I get the free paper "Niagara this Week" in my mail box each week . I like reading William Thomas columns , great  sense of humour and master of puns ......
      He wrote a very informative column last week (  Mar.15 ) and he is very knowledgeable about that area  and drops many names and places .  some of you may have read this already , I thought it was very interesting !  It took me a while to find it on Google ....hope the "copy & paste " works ......
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to smerchly in Hammi Pier   
    It's nice to see some good news for a change !  I hope we can get the same thing to happen at local places here as well !
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Tyler0420 in Hammi Pier   
    Looks like their not closing it after all. 

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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Mbocco in Just Vaccinated   
    Im not trying to convince anyone of anything.  But what I said about the approval process of these vaccines is 100% fact.  Take it or leave it. Make your own informed or uninformed decision. 
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Tony in Just Vaccinated   
    I'm with you on this one............Many excellent medical minds have strongly advised to get the vaccine.......I'll be getting mine as soon as I can get it.............I'll take my chances with the vaccine rather than suffering with this deadly virus.......................
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    NiagaraRiverFisher reacted to Darryl L in The Air   
    Also dont forget meat and certain groceries up 25%, lumber and building supplies sky rocketing, gas and various other utilities, it doesnt end. Going to be tough for a lot of people to survive. 
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    NiagaraRiverFisher got a reaction from Tyler0420 in 1st trip a bust   
    The Canal opens March 19th this year.
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    NiagaraRiverFisher got a reaction from smerchly in 1st trip a bust   
    The Canal opens March 19th this year.
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