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  1. Spennyfish


    just wondering if anyone has been out for muskies on the upper yet this season, or if they have had any unintentional encounters. Thanks
  2. Jim, very neat video. really enjoyed. How often to you see muskies while diving?
  3. Does anyone know of any guides that would fish the upper Niagara river this spring exclusively for muskie? either from the Canadian side or the american. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Awesome thanks so much smerchly. The advice is greatly appreciated, Also, Solid catch, goo job!! Spennyfish
  5. Hey guys, I go to school at Brock university and live up here during the school season (September-June). I love fishing for carp at home in small ponds this time of year, a great way to get out and have some action in the early days of spring. I was wondering if there are any good spots close to Brock that anyone can lead me to. I have been doing lots of exploring in and around the Gibson lake, Beaverdam ponds area. It looks like it should be able to sustain Carp, but I've yet too see much surface activity. If anyone can help to guide me in the right direction for some good spring carp spots it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Snags, Thanks for the info. I will need to look into the regulations for NY fishing and licencing more to get it figured out. I have a couple buddies down here that have fished the river. maybe will try going out with them first. Thanks for the warm wlecome TeeDee
  7. Hey guys, I am a Brock University student living in St. Catharines form September-April. I live 10 minutes away form long point bay which has provided me with some amazing fishing over the years. I have found the fishing forum for the bay (Channel 6-8) very helpful for me as a fisherman. I have been researching, and asking around about the musky population in the Niagara river, It seems to me that there is a decent population within the river. Seeing as i am a complete newbie to major river systems and current I am curious about what precautions I should take on the river in terms of boating, and if any of you bass guys have any tips for catching musky on the river. Also if someone could confirm that the Upper Niagara season opens on the 3rd Saturday of June. I plan on getting my bearings throughout the late spring/summer then try to get some sort of a pattern together by the fall. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. P.s sorry for posting in the bass section of the forum. Figured this was my best bet at musky help. Thanks
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