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  1. Nice haul where abouts do you recommend in port ive tried by the dam years ago but lose my lures to the rocks not to mention being crowded so you couldn't cast out far.
  2. Nice at least they had fun. My first salmon i ever caught was a 24 pounder i was excited as it was a big fish. I usually avoid queenston and stick to fishing the upper Niagara river unfortunately my father's up there in age and it would nearly be impossible for him to get back up the steps at the whirlpool.
  3. Sorry for the delay nice salmon I use to fish for them with my dad got a few nice ones near Jordan 10 years ago. I tried 6 years ago in Port D with the glow in the dark spinners from Petes but ended up getting stuck on rocks and losing my lures. I kinda gave up on the salmon fishing its a pain coming from fort erie to port d and not getting anything and dealing with the crowds when i was there a guy told me there were guys fighting over salmon.
  4. Im hoping the winter fishing will be good. I want to try ice fishing up in welland I haven't done it since I was a kid.
  5. Haven't been out since late spring but hows everyone been doing this Summer. I'm hoping to start again late fall and during the winter trying out my new ice fishing rod.
  6. I kind of agree about taking a test to get a license. Up here in Fort Erie we're starting to get some guys from T.O fishing here with gobies and minnows we usually let them know nicely that they can't use gobies for bait but they just ignore you and continue on fishing. These days I just try and go out fish and not be concerned about whats going on eventually the ministry might do something.
  7. Thanks there was one guy down there with a 6 foot minnow net trying to catch minnows but he was calling them smelts lol I didnt let it bother me.
  8. Got my license renewed and went out fishing last week down the street from my house with my father. We manged to get some nice size perch and alot of small ones all including the nice size ones were released.
  9. Happy New Year Everyone may the fishing season be good and everyone stays safe.
  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year stay safe. Here's hoping the fishing season will be as good as last years.
  11. That's a pretty neat idea.
  12. Thanks hoping to do some perch fishing tomorrow down by where I live.
  13. Hello fellow fishermen I signed up for this site a few months ago but never got around to posting. This year was great in the winter I finally got myself some nice rainbows and this summer so nice perch.
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