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  1. For sure. I have a kayak but don’t feel comfortable casting from it. It is such a shame shore spots are so fished out. But hey, once in a while ya get lucky. All my life I spent fishing from a boat, trolling. Shore fishing and casing is such a new process and it’s been intimidating and frustrating. @smerchly, I hear that you’re the one to talk to about carp and such? I want to catch ANYTHING at this point and would love to feel the fight of a carp again. Message me, if you don’t mind!
  2. 5” Yamamoto Pumpkinseed wacky rig
  3. Went out and my brother-in-law ended up with a decent bass. 2.5# (Scale is through hook hole in lip)
  4. I’m sure that this topic has been beaten to death and then some. I’m looking for some suggestions on shore fishing spots and techniques for various species from Queenston Docks all the way down to Navy Hall. Very specific inquiry, is it worth while going morning fishing at Navy Hall for bass? Thanks in advance!
  5. I’ve killed probably 20 Gobies this year. I’m glad I’m not the only one having these problems!
  6. I am in the Niagara area. Any place in particular? I went down to the Lighthouse Restaurant on Black Creek and tried there. That’s where I pulled out my kids rod and caught 15 sun fish.
  7. Where abouts? Right down the wooden steps or the metal?
  8. The hours of research, driving, and literal leg-work that I’ve put in to find fish is made so frustrating by the fact that there’s been zero pay off. Trying to get into some bass or pike from shore and having absolutely no luck. I know, and completely understand, people not wanting to disclose honey holes on a public forum, but I would really appreciate the help! I grew up pretty much exclusively trolling for fish on Lake Erie, so shore fishing has been new for me these past three years and I’ve only caught one small mouth! Ive gone really hard on the research of baits and locations this year to no avail. Please feel free to send me a private message if you would prefer, but id love some help. Photos added are some of my newer baits and rigs. Thanks in advance!
  9. So I know this is a loaded question, and asking quite a bit... but can anyone point me to: 1.) A shore fishing spot that... 2.) Is kid/family friendly and shaded 3.) where the kids can have fun catching pretty consistently 4.) and dad can get into some bass, pike, carp, or catfish? I’ve never been able to locate Martindale pond. Have never had luck at lake Gibson or Port D. Firemans park is great most of the time for kids, but I’ve never seen anything bigger than a small blue gill. Thanks in advance! Picture of my brother in law catching his first bass ever at the season opener last night on Lyons creek
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