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  1. I haven't tried it, but according to google, the answer is yes. Here is how to do it: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/1628031?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en
  2. Joshua - they've already answered your question, so I'm just adding info in case you need something similar in the future. Google Maps, when you open it in a browser on a computer: right-click with the mouse at, e.g. Queenston docks, then select "measure distance". Then keep clicking one or more times in other places, it will keep adding the distance between all clicks. It's actually very reliable method to calc distance.
  3. What is illegal if you're not throwing away edible meat?
  4. Great, thanks all! I like all of your suggestions! Now please do give tips on easy trout filleting while outside and no access to a cleaning board!
  5. Then who's going to take care of my kids while fishing? Nah...fishing is my solo relax time.
  6. Ok, I'll come clean (pun?): didn't really care about the weight carrying it up. It's about my wife happiness, and mine. It's the damn kitchen. It's constant grief if I fail to clean the kitchen sink perfectly well after cleaning the fish, and what if some fish particle flew out somewhere in some place in the kitchen and we'll never know, and smell, and then freezer space for the carcass until next garbage day...it's just grief grief grief... by the time I'm done with the ordeal of cleaning said fish at home, I've usually completely lost my appetite. That's the real problem I'm trying to s
  7. Don't get me wrong, I don't keep everything I catch, in fact I keep very little and I'm very selective. So, say I catch a nice buck steelhead that is not too little, not too big, and I want to keep it for the bbq at home. What are the laws about cleaning it riverside (lower Niagara)? Is it frowned upon? I know I should leave skin on the fillets in case it has to be identified by an officer, but really---can I fillet it there and what do I do with the carcass - do I throw it in the water as mother nature would probably like, or leave it on the shoreline (stink and attract animals?) , or ba
  8. I bought a Lowrance Elite 7ti last summer for my tiny boat, I was lured by the prospect of using their Genesis maps because I fish small ponds that are not mapped. Later I succumbed and bought Reefmaster 2.0 - best decision I ever made! Already created maps customized to my particular needs of my favorite places using my own sonar data. As a result, I was much much more successful at finding where the bass is as compared to previous years.
  9. I can actually tell you precisely. Printed at 20% infill density (you can go lower to save material since it doesn't really need to be that strong), double walls and quadruple top and bottom layers, the spool needs 41 grams of filament. After tax, 1kg of filament is under $30, so roughly 3 cents per gram. So, the spool costed me about $1.20. For comparison reasons, the flat spool listed in the fist post of this thread, with the same settings, needs only 8 grams, so cost is like 25 cents. When I first got into 3D printing, I was worried about filament cost. Then I quickly discov
  10. Like any other thing---research, trial & error. Lookup cheap Anet A8 printers, buy one. That printer is a kit, by the time you put it together you'll have a good understanding of how it works. Do your research online too, there's hundreds of thousands of people commenting on that printer alone. There's a fan page on facebook too, and people are always ready to help if you have a question. Then go to Thingiverse, download some stuff, run it through Cura slicer (a free program that transforms a 3D file into printer instructions). When you feel ready, get Fusion 360 and start designing
  11. Yep, actually I've used an old xbox kinnect camera and some freely available software to make a 3d scan of each of my immediate family members, and printed the busts. Turned out pretty good! Here's some photos of just a small fraction of the stuff I've designed (most of it but not all) and printed.
  12. Had nothing else to do, so made my new "invention"
  13. About the cheap $50 reel---well, I still haven't used it as I'm quite happy with my other setups. But I was messing with my equipment and saw one of the wooden handles doesn't turn freely anymore. It's been in the basement, I believe the wood expanded due to temperatures.
  14. Got to try the rod today. 2 for 3. The one lost was operator's error. The 2 landed were a 26 female (released) and a much smaller male, which I kept for dinner. Both fish landed by myself with no waders and no net. It could be that this is my first higher end rod and I've never used a good rod before, but all I can say is wow! The rod not only felt much better, but fighting fish---I don't think I would've landed these two fish with my previous rod. This rod is both powerful and forgiving. There was minimal icing-up too, easily shaken off by dipping in the water every 10 or so casts. A
  15. corsara


    I'd like to know too, that would be awesome! I go often, I think I've seen it clockwise only once in the last month or so.
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