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  1. Love the stingeye spinners, his T-turn swivels are excellent as well. They stock some of his stuff at st catharines tackle shop
  2. Sounds like some goth/emo band.
  3. Jeez that seemed bad enough, other side must've been a mess.
  4. Holy crap ST that's crazy man. We ended up going to crystal beach by the boat launch, loads of driftwood and garbage right up to the houses. Also around 5 lunatics surfing by the launch.
  5. I was thinking along them lines as well mate, closest resemblance I could find was something called Japanese brand.
  6. It's got a scorpion emblem on it and some type of wings either side, done a tiny bit of googling but nothing yet. I found walking the dog, well I was walking the dog, the lure wasn't.
  7. Where's the best place to watch this? I mentioned to the wife about going down fort Erie way but I'm sure where would be best? Used to get some cracking storms on walney island where I'm from, proper batterings from the Irish sea.
  8. I know teabags are supposed to be good for stinky shoes Bill, maybe buy a big value no name brand, worth a cheap shot?
  9. All the very best lads, hope you all get your 2020 wishes.
  10. All the best everyone, safe and happy Christmas, cheers 🍻
  11. Tried floating with worms at welland aqueduct for 45 minutes, nuttin. Gave it an hour at the flat water centre, nuttin again. Took the dog for a walk without the rods down to port dalhousie, only one solitary lad fishing, he was nearly at the limit in under an hour...nice guy as well.
  12. Not us but the wife read earlier that over a hundred people have...
  13. The wife's dad and stepmam used to own lakeport fish and chips, they still use the name Bubba fries which was always a nice thing but it's really a lot more special now as he passed away from ALS. always makes it happy sad.
  14. Supposed to be sunny for the next 3 days so hopefully that will melt a lot of the crap
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