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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I definitely make sure to grab the line cause of the animals. Too man videos of them all tied up or trapped in them. The only benefit of all the line left is that you can find lures, metal leaders (I don't normally use them), jig heads, etc... I don't think this is going to change anytime soon unless they do impose further restricted or make some big changes. What we need is star trek tech, something pocket size or small box so we can turn the found line and garbage into new lures/baits. Like feed it old line and it will melt it down and turn it into new line. (n
  2. Random thing I wanted to check with other anglers. I know what with Covid no one wants to touch things outside currently, but in general,How many people clean up their area or surrounding area while they are out fishing?I wanted to check cause almost every fishing spot no matter where it is seems to be littered with drink bottles/cans and timmies/fast food wrappers. Also there always seems to be an abundance of leftover line just littering most spots.My friends and I try to clean up the area and usually end of bringing a bag of garbage to throw out later. Does anyone clean up their fishing spo
  3. This year was one of my first jigging for perch and I had lots of success with a Blue Fox Nomad. We fished it 30-35 feet and bounced it off bottom couple times then either small jigging or jigging and then dead sticking. The dead stick works surprisingly well probably because of it spinning slightly to catch a little light. The chain helps give it more noise and the bead on the hook along with a minnow head or tail seemed to work great. We had a couple of different ones and all worked great.
  4. Agreed. I did actually get to see a CO twice this winter once just on the ice no hut and once in a hut but he knocked. Both times they checked license (Paper first time and card second time) and that was about it for us. One of them did tell a couple guys to stop fishing cause not all of them had a license with them. Don't know if they were fined though.
  5. Well now that spring is finally upon us it makes me want to go trout fishing again. Unfortunately I wait until opening at end of april so dont usually get to do it any sooner. Figured I would share a video from fishing for the rest of us talking about trout. I have used inflated worms for trout before and I have had better luck with them than with roe or spoons.
  6. I saw this one a few years ago where a guy rolls up on 2 bass and one is trying to eat another almost as big.
  7. I've had my rod handle/reel tip into the creek a couple times but thats what happens when you use two stick poking out of the water to hold it. Ice fishing i've tipped the rod into the water fighting a pike before and it did get down to the reel. Should work, how can it not?
  8. Thanks for the tips. This year was the first year i was mainly jigging during ice fishing. I can confidently say it was one of the most productive years for me. I tried out a couple different lures like slab grabber, tear drops, soft plastics but most successful for me was on a Blue Fox Nomad. Worked whether i jigged in actively or jigged and deadstick.
  9. Thanks for the tip Jwl1. I'll keep an eye out for some williams spoons.
  10. So I tried the tip from this video to attract fish using a lure to bring them in with the sound and shining and it does seem to work even if you sometimes only get some dinks but it does help to bring in some bigger ones. Just wondering what tips anyone else has for bringing in perch. I usually just use minnows a lot of the time so i'm trying to branch out to using lures more cause i've seem many videos of people slaying with them. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I usually do trout in the spring so I'll keep it in mind in the next few months.
  12. I never really thought about keeping a log like that but i might consider it cause it is hard to go from memory especially years later. I used to only get out fishing once in a while but now that I can get out more I'll keep that in mind.
  13. I've been to the Toronto shows a few times the last few years and i usually like to check out the seminars just to see what some of the new gear or techniques are. Occasionally you can find a good deal on gear but it seems like each year you have to find the item that will have good deals whether it's rods, reels, lures, etc... Plus we like to grab some pepperoni or meats while we are there. My buddy fell in love with the kangaroo meat.
  14. Hey guys. So for bass I normally fish a regular style frog with a soft body and twin hooks on the back and it has worked good. Just curious if anyone has tried the hybrid frogs in this FFTROU video? They have weedless treble hooks which I've never tried before. But it's interesting that it can be a multi purpose lure. Would it be worth the switch? Thanks.
  15. That's a nice size perch I bet.
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