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  1. Lots of patience. Visibility is poor at best so something with a rattle. Red and yellow xrap has worked. Water temperature is probably higher then normal already so definitely pick ur times. Slow. Lots of walleye in there if nothing else. Lots of trees n such towards Nigara street end to hang up on. Worm harness red beads/chrome blades has worked as well with super slow troll against flow. Definitely need the chatter
  2. Don’t forget to check the fluid level in the cells. I had a starting battery that always charged well at 2amps and was really reliable but i had to add distilled water at least once a year to top up cells. That’s assuming you don’t have maintenance free battery. I also had everything hooked up to it. Lights, fish finder, small trolling motor n my 35hp Merc.
  3. I toss mine back. Buddy I was with kept his and said they taste like dirt. All in the pallet and how you cook em I guess
  4. Lots of panfish in there. Guys r probably setting up soon for shore fishing down at the flat water centre. Nice to fish before weeds take off. Bit of everything in there.
  5. I actually use a youth 5’ugly stick combo(black/green) from crap tire for pannies and rec canal shore fishing. Feel everything and when I’m onto the bite I can hand it off to the kiddos and it’s not too much rod for them. Feel all those gobies no problem 😝
  6. Cold but sunny. I find sunny days are the best days for Rec Ice fishing. Visibility is huge. I was fishing cpl yrs ago, when we started the bite was good then the water clouded up and the bite stopped and we noticed slight current. We stepped out of the hut and noticed they had drop the water over the cpl hrs we were fishing. Didn’t have another bite that day or the next
  7. My fish finder is probably the same age as me. I don’t rely on it too much as it’s depth marking is a range and not accurate but is definitely good for warning kids to hold the rods up when we’re slow trolling over a shallow area so we don’t lose to many warm harnesses.
  8. Happy New Year all. Itching for some Rec Canal Ice fishing with my kiddos.
  9. Walleye are in the water 😜
  10. Agreed. Take it to John at Erie marine and small engines. Fix u up quick then take bill back to port C marine and demand your money back. This place needs new ownership that cares
  11. I just had my boat motor repaired by Erie marine and small engine. Works out of his home on east side of canal in Port Colborne. Had my boat fixed up in 4days. Was a much better experience then Port C marine. When port c marine did my impeller i got my boat back and my cavitation tab was missing and they tried to tell me i lost it. I hadn’t even left parking lot. Never again
  12. One of the ships lost steering control. The Florence spirit (black n white) was parked in docking area by my house. Lots of spectators down the seaway rd off Ontario rd.
  13. I guess one of the ships got it worse then the other. Parked in the docking area out by my place. Probably paying more attention to his rod then his route😉
  14. Rebekah Variety on corner of wellington and lincoln st in Welland
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