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  1. Weather coming up will lock it up by weekend. Hopefully we get a dusting of snow or getting on the Rec will be slick business. To my daughters amusement last yr I did the cartoon backpeddle before landing on my keester. They both still talk about it🙄
  2. Did a little trip along rec. Dain city side is shaping up nicely. Cpl guys on the ice 30-40’ off shore or so. Geese r slowing the freeze close to the flatwater centre. All in all it’s coming along nicely. Local Skating rink was mint ice for girls recess break
  3. I will take a drive again today to check things out. Buddy of mine bikes the stretch from welland to port colborne everyday for work thru dain city so he’s keeping an eye out too
  4. They are still lowering water level for annual lock maintenance. And we had rain here on Sunday which ruined Saturdays skim of Ice.
  5. Late September camping trip with the family. The perch were hungry and the kids were loving it😎
  6. I agree with Mark. There’s tons of fish in the Rec and they have managed for so many yrs without our help. Sometimes we are nature’s worst enemy when we think we’re helping. Debatable either way. While walking Merrit island we have seen Christmas trees placed in the middle of the Rec on the ice close to the end of Thorold Rd multiple yrs in a row. I figured someone was planning a bonfire or creating structure
  7. Some guys are still trying to finish off the beans. Been so wet and the heavy clays that are over saturated don’t help. Greasy business.
  8. Annual family trip for the colours and a lil fishing. Had trouble finding any wallies but the perch and bass were hungry
  9. Could contact John at Erie Marine and small engines. He’s great. +1 (289) 668-7745 not sure if he does mobile stuff but doesn’t hurt to call
  10. They definitely did. Spent more time putting worms on and helping take fish off then fishing. But it’s worth it when the smiles r plenty
  11. Not a monster by no means but was only one that got pic’d. I simplified my set up by adding a bell sinker to my swivel clip and a 12” leader with small hook n worm on bottom and that seemed to be the ticket
  12. Great Park for hiking and Biking. Not the greatest spot for fishing in my own experience😜They r there but Arrowhead lake is not deep and warms quickly. Mayflower lake (at park office) gets stocked with brookies every yr but they probably don’t last much past opener. Park office side of Mayflower is shallow, middle and opposite side a little deeper. When i was tossing small spoons last fall guy told me its 60ft plus in middle. I didn’t have canoe to check it out. I haven’t ventured outside of the park. Please report if you have better luck as I usually fall camp there most yrs as trails r decent for my boyz wheelchair and bike trailer
  13. Welland Rec Canal has lots of shaded fishing spots. Lots of panfish, bass, gobies and the odd pike and if its hot u can jump in n cool off
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