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  1. Walleye are in the water 😜
  2. Agreed. Take it to John at Erie marine and small engines. Fix u up quick then take bill back to port C marine and demand your money back. This place needs new ownership that cares
  3. I just had my boat motor repaired by Erie marine and small engine. Works out of his home on east side of canal in Port Colborne. Had my boat fixed up in 4days. Was a much better experience then Port C marine. When port c marine did my impeller i got my boat back and my cavitation tab was missing and they tried to tell me i lost it. I hadn’t even left parking lot. Never again
  4. One of the ships lost steering control. The Florence spirit (black n white) was parked in docking area by my house. Lots of spectators down the seaway rd off Ontario rd.
  5. I guess one of the ships got it worse then the other. Parked in the docking area out by my place. Probably paying more attention to his rod then his route😉
  6. Rebekah Variety on corner of wellington and lincoln st in Welland
  7. St. Johns conservation area would be a nice easy spot for ur wife to walk. Easy access and has benchs. I go there with my 2 girls and my boy who’s in a wheelchair. Nice spot if you haven’t been. May be getting a little thick with the green with all this heat but definitely accessible spot
  8. Took the kiddos over to feed the pannies at the flat water centre and test out the new frozen fishing rod. My boy wanted to help out too😎
  9. 49%. That way I can keep trying to pass 😁
  10. Haven’t fished conestoga. I have friends that boat there and they say it gets busy with boats. You could also launch at sugarloaf harbour in Port colborne and fish inside the harbour and if lake is calm you could easily head out on Erie. Once it starts to kick up a little head in. I’ve done that in the past with my 12ft n 9.8hp and had some nice calm waters out on lake and when it kicked up a little i came back into harbour and caught couple toothy critters.
  11. Bellwood has some decent pike in it. I had luck drifting/trolling worm harness with gold blade and red beads with juicy worm on it. Lots of carp in there too. They will be stirring up the shorelines soon and its kinda cool to watch. Puslinch likely a cabbage patch already. If you drop a canoe in at Paris and head down to Brantford its a nice little trip, just make sure you have someone picking you up lol
  12. You should practice fishing in the tub with that. Just keep your worm in the water cuz they shrink when u come out 😉
  13. Frozen button cast rod and 2 hide a hook bobbers
  14. The small pond above the main pond at St johns is spring feed. Pond is one of the feeders for the twelve. Main pond has the culvert overflow into creek but water doesn’t come into the pond like it used to so gets pretty stanky and lots of green stuff to keep u busy when kids r chasing the pannies. Nephew wanted to pay if forward and take my fish off last yr
  15. Bumble Bee bass boat
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