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  1. There's always the garden hose 😛
  2. I see deers quite frequently while fishing my local streams. They come to drink. Love the sight of white tall tails moving fast among the brush and trees.
  3. Does the sailing club allow public to use the launch? There's no such info on their web page. If they do what is the fee?
  4. Sorry my mistake meant to say Fort Niagara, the one near the Old Fort. It's called Fort Niagara Boat Launch...
  5. I am not sure about TO Island but there is a municipal launch at Ashbridges bay and one in Bluffer's Park where i usually launch. I measured the distance from Asbridges to the Bar and it's about 45km. Yes it would save a lot of driving that way, the problem is i don't think i can make it back with the amount of gas my tank holds especially given that i still use a 2 stroke outboard, plus the big lake has to be calm throughout the day for me to venture out that far in my 16.5' boat.
  6. Ok, so those are the ones i already knew. I launched from Queenston once or twice for river fishing and i found the others from Google Maps. There is one near the mouth at Fort Erie on the US side, I am just surprised there is none at Niagara on the Lake on Canadian side.
  7. Hi folks, If I wanted to fish the Niagara Bar, which boat ramp is the closest to launch from. It appears that there are not too many ramps, if any, near the river mouth on the Canadian Side, why is that? i know the ramps are closed right now, my question is for future reference. Thanks
  8. Ok, I get it. People want to go fishing, I do too, but what has Angelo's petition have to do with politics. He simply thinks that the seasons should be delayed/closed because otherwise things WILL get chaotic come the opener. You may agree or not, i do agree by the way, but i fail to see anything political about this. If anything he may be concerned because of his age and/or because of so many health care workers and first responders putting their lives at risk FOR US.
  9. My opinion about the video above. Empty lot, signs on the posts should have been a clue, never mind the thousands of requests to stay home from the public officials. Just because there were no other people around doesn't make it OK to contravene emergency measures bylaws...
  10. Say no to COVID-19, with petition at the bottom of the page
  11. Does anybody fish specifically for white perch in Erie? Why is it not as popular as yellow perch?
  12. You're right this has to be taken seriously by everybody, i was just saying walking a dog etc. is relatively safer as one doesn't have to get in contact with anybody, but those activities can also lead to the spread of virus if an accident happens. Shortly, my view is that everybody has to follow the Stay at Home recommendations, not just anglers.
  13. I agree, most of those things can happen in other circumstances too, my point was, any such non-essential activities must be avoided by staying at home. During the month of March and so far in April, i only went out to buy groceries and other neccesities. Is it easy to be stuck at home, hell not, but if it's the best strategy to avoid infection and for the pandemic to go away, I am all for it.
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