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  1. Food for thought... Township of Muskoka Lakes (includes Port Carling) has a population of approx 7K and has 8 employees on the sunshine list making over 100K per year. They can most likely thank the "cottagers" taxes for those gracious salaries. If you own a home and are going to isolate with your family there it shouldn't be a problem. Just my 2 cents
  2. I agree... I've seen more people lined up at the LCBO or Beer store than when I was launching my boat.
  3. Looks like Crystal Beach launch is closed now also. https://mailchi.mp/b06c7c29c17b/covid-19-community-update-april-2-4898317
  4. Found a rod holder along the shore along North side of Nicholls Marine. Appears someone forgot it... If you lost it and can provide a description, I’ll ensure it gets back to you.
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