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  1. Open. Could go fishing during the last lockdown/stay at home order. Unless they throw those cement barriers up again... I'm going out regardless.
  2. Below is from the Niagara Region mapping tool showing assessment parcels. Its a handy tool if your looking for property information. https://maps.niagararegion.ca/navigator/
  3. In regards to the various NPC boat launches, where can the annual parking pass be purchased? Can't seem to find it on their website.
  4. Food for thought... Township of Muskoka Lakes (includes Port Carling) has a population of approx 7K and has 8 employees on the sunshine list making over 100K per year. They can most likely thank the "cottagers" taxes for those gracious salaries. If you own a home and are going to isolate with your family there it shouldn't be a problem. Just my 2 cents
  5. I agree... I've seen more people lined up at the LCBO or Beer store than when I was launching my boat.
  6. Looks like Crystal Beach launch is closed now also. https://mailchi.mp/b06c7c29c17b/covid-19-community-update-april-2-4898317
  7. Found a rod holder along the shore along North side of Nicholls Marine. Appears someone forgot it... If you lost it and can provide a description, I’ll ensure it gets back to you.
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