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  1. I walked whole port D trails and saw lots of people fishing on east side. There were 6 people fishing trespassing over the fence and 4 people fishing near fence. 4 people on the west side over the green bridge. Do I have to report to MNR for trespassing people over the fence??
  2. You should go Whirlpool at fall. Beside good fishing there, scenary with autumn leaves is so beautiful there. World class hiking trail through glen to whirlpool
  3. Thank you Snags! It was such a clear answer for me.
  4. What about the place near sail club house? Will it be matter because the parking lot is private area?? Even on Google map street view I can see a guy fishing there. For now that parking lot is the only place to fish on west wall... because of condo construction! Also that area looks like more than 75 feet away from little waterfall.
  5. I went there with my wife and little girl but failed to catch one. Some people caught some trout, bass, sunfish but trout looks like picky that only a few caught it compared to lots of crowd.
  6. Is fishing behind the water front trail(green bridge) illegal?? I often saw people fish there but my friend told me that place is illegal to fish. Is there any specific regulation on Port Dalhousie?? Looks like fishing regulation guide don't specify that area other than below the Lakeport road is fishable all year.
  7. Isn't Jordan harbour above QEW closed?? I am wondering if it is okay to fish for Carp or Catfish at upper side of QEW.
  8. I totally agree with your opinion. Government is killing local shops and helps american dinosaur company... Nonsense
  9. I haven't known about this meetup. I should go next year!
  10. Compared to December and January, February and March looks like really hard season for Niagara anglers. I hope warmer weather bring fish to us.
  11. Wow.. that lure looks great and unique that it has just one hook away from the body. It would be better for preventing snagging than treble hook.
  12. For trout fishing, jighead, spoon, and bottom bouncing egg worked this year.
  13. A lot of ice was floating on lower niagara today.
  14. That's good news! Welcome new owner!
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