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  1. Hi all, looking to come down this weekend from K-W... can anybody please let me know how the water clarity looks on the river? Nothing posted in the conditions thread... We had some southerly winds recently so just want to check. Really appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Hey FishReaper, sounds great! Check your private messages, I just sent you my contact info. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I have always parked & launched at Queenston, a bit busy on a weekend but not too bad. I actually just started going across to Lewiston to launch and parking there. The ramp has an in and out with docks on both sides, 50 pull through truck/trailer spots in a proper asphalt parking lot. And they de-ice and plow all winter. Plus 2 gas stations, a Tops market, etc... no charge this time of year that I've seen. If you want a fishing partner I'm available...
  4. Smerchly, Nice! Here's one that hasn't seen water... it was my grandfather's, he used these flatfish and original floating Rapalas religiously for long line trolling every evening on Lake Joseph. I'm glad to have it.
  5. They were black, coated in gas and oil. Plus the electrodes aren't just pitted, they're eaten away quite a bit by the arc 😲 A good example of what NOT to do lol. Anyway, i installed new plugs and it starts just fine now. Will change the plugs each season and carry a spare set just in case. Good tips on idle and warming it well, thanks. As for motor on through a drift, I agree and only use my trolling motor when drift fishing, but the outboard has to be on to backtroll 👍 and the backtroll is deadly ☠
  6. Thanks! I haven't heard of sea foam, I'll check that out! Will also be more exact on my oil measurements and I'll try some premium fuel, especially now that the price is low and give some attention to the carb. I appreciate this!
  7. I like to backtroll on the Niagara river but my 35hp 2-stroke Evinrude doesn't seem to love spending prolonged time at low/idle speed rpm's. Recently, 15-minutes doing this on a long drift fouled the plugs and I couldn't restart. I've replaced the plugs (which was way overdue) but I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem with larger 2-strokes? Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hey smerchly, Thanks! I love catching steelies, they are such beautiful fish. Looking for some big ones, but happy with anything that comes to the boat I remove the front hooks on my Kwikfish K9 to ensure a clean hookup and go easy on the fish. Those front trebles can tear them up sometimes. I tie to the crosslock or whatever its called that comes with the lure. No other hardware, I think that gives the best action! That Kwikfish is deadly for me. Silver with blue and pink metallic shading.
  9. Thanks Jwl1! I'll work on contributing. I'd like to access those areas!
  10. Thanks again! Had a good day yesterday, picked up a few drifting and backtrolling! I liked on the forum for the conditions area... couldn't see it. Is it in the invite only Niagara/steelie section? If so I cant access that 😔
  11. Thanks Jwl1! It's a three hour round trip from my place so I dont want to arrive to find the river unfishable. I really appreciate the info, I'll give it a shot tomorrow!
  12. I want to come down to fish the lower river but I'm in Kitchener and have no idea if the river's fishable after the southerly winds we had this week. Can anyone please tell me what the water clarity is like? The NOAA site is down with the US govt shutdown so I have no way of telling cept for the kindness of fellow anglers :) Thanks!!!
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