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  1. Could make some awesome skirts for spinner baits to hammer the toothies
  2. Trout fishing from shore?.....hmmmm....you already missed 4 months of it around Niagara...lol
  3. Jwl1

    Legend boats

    I remember that smerch....lol...I had no trouble what so ever with my 2 legend boats...both where 2003....and used hard.....used the viper all year long including a couple times a week all winter long for years on the niagara....and also used for a tonne of tubing...jumping through waves and cruises with the family at the time...my 14 footer was dragged up and down many a bank..2 guys could put it in the water anywhere you could carry it to..pop on the motor..gas gear and go...no idea about any of the newer models....but back then I had absolutely no issues what so ever...and I didn't baby the
  4. With some access closed off...and the steady high water levels cutting off a bunch of prime shoreline....the steel certainly has a banner year to spawn without alot of pressure....in a couple years the numbers should be through the roof!!!
  5. When I was a teenager in the 80s I cant tell you how many times we would watch people come down that old launch in the winter and turn to each other...laugh...and say..."that guy ain't making it back up"...haha...and next thing you know...here we are helping to push them back up the hill 😮😂
  6. Nice average size fish...simcoe gets alot of pressure from people mostly catching small ones....some nice cold water eats for sure...cool on you for sharing the vids and some tactics...that's what it's all about..great learning tool for some people......oh....and nice green sock and sandal toe wedgie at the start😂
  7. Always good to even PM a couple of you guys for sure....on a bit of advice and conditions....everyone who loves the hardwater is chomping at the bit.....safety first for sure....as many of you mention....bring a spud....float suit......rope.....a piece of 2×4...or a broom handle could also help save your life....forbid an accident happens .... .take for example also that just because you may have seen some pics on the rec of a bunch of people out icing some perch...doesnt mean it's safe tomorrow.....and keep in mind also folks when you are looking for reports or advice that some may not j
  8. What's the chances though...if it is a "manned"..operation that this will carry over into the winter fishing season.....man...years ago when I had my boat and went 4 or 5 times a week..a bunch of us guys would all work together keeping the ramp ice free as possible...helping eachother putting our boats in and out...share tackle and tactics...inviting the odd "regular" shore guy who may not experience this type of fishing onboard..... those of us who where on to a hot pattern would point others to where the high fish number areas where...ect....ect...it was all about the love of fishing..
  9. A sham ....most likely caused by a handful of idiots who care nothing at all about our region...our resources...and nothing but themselves .....well if you are one of those people and are reading this hoping for the people who go out there the hard way and take care of our local resources to be putting a report of thier adventures on here....good on you there bud!!!!....you just helped ruin a good thing for alot of great people who have put a lifetime into it...and took away some freedom to go out and do what they love for some people with mobility issues as well... whom otherwise would never
  10. Blows large that that's the only place to put a boat in the water on our side of the lower and takes away a world class winter long trout fishery.....and as if there isn't enough pressure on what little shore access is left...already limited because of the higher water levels as far as the most productive water goes....I grew up fishing the lower from about as close as you want to get to the falls to pretty much the mouth of the lake...and have seen miles of prime fishing areas disappear with the last few years taking the worst toll....what a shame!!!!!!!!!
  11. New car so I can get fishing more....say no about catching anything unless someone sees me catch it....lol...add to the fish pic collection... Definitely get out with a few nfners that I have come to know over the years.....pretty sure I dont need anymore fishing rods...but build better storage for what I have so i dont have to pull it all out to put the Christmas stuff away in a few days....haha...not making any resolutions about ridding bad habits....I think the bad habits I have are just fine and I been working in them for over 50 years......short term goals.....get myself another beer
  12. Merry fishmas.....and all the best to many of the nfners that I have met...come to know...had the pleasure of going on for nearly 20 years sharing in many fishing adventures.....helped with charity events....joined in the old school swills...spent time volunteering back to our resources ...shared in family and friendship moments along the way....fun derbies....kids events...old fashion shore lunches...campouts fishing weekends and tall tales...warm holiday wishes from my household to yours
  13. Locals only would be a good concept....lol....I remember years back fishing the lower throughout the entire winter...and more often than not...would not see another person at all on most days....maybe the odd passerby all winter stopping to say hi and warm up by the shore lunch fire......now it's almost guaranteed that if you surveyed the popular park and go spots like whirlpool or glen that the vast majority is all people from out of town...and unfortunately alot of locals including myself dont even bother to try going out at certain times because of the crap show and the trail they leave beh
  14. Dont know much details...saw quick news feed on my phone..apparently they found a body in Jaycee yesterday some time.
  15. Jwl1


    That's the elusive.. nottscatchalatelious...
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