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  1. Sounds like fun man....and way too far out to do the old beach the rig and pull er up on shore thing...haha......that must have been cool to see come up...browns get some wicked colour patterns on them
  2. Great offer man....unfortunately I work nights...so friday for me..means getting off work 630 am Saturdays...I might add though it's nice to see an offer like that on here...many people used to do that years back....I first ever came on this site easily 15 years ago and over the years met alot of great people...when i had a boat...i often passed along the same offer...a bunch of us would also put on our join in fun little derby meet and greet days for boaters and non boaters...so that people without a boat can share in a great day on the water a bit of friendly competition and alot of great shore lunches....and personally have met some great fellow anglers along the way...that's the kind of thing this site is meant for....good on you man..share some tactics...adventure...fun..and friends along the way who all have a passion for the outdoors.....I like going about it the old fashioned hard way...get out and put the work into it....it tends to get lost in this new world of internet trolling..and punching in someone else's gps coordinates...lol.
  3. Good scout mission there bill....the nice weather is making people jump the gun a bit..lol..but heck..you dont know if you dont try....and unfortunately sounds like more and more this year some easy access spots are going to be a bit busier....just gotta get up early...claim a spot and watch the sun come up.
  4. They let the boom go the other day that's why...it will get good up there for carp soon
  5. We could always chip in on a pig... fatten it up on some good ole fashioned oats for a couple months..and roast that sucker up all day on a bank somewhere..good excuse to get up early..start the smoker first light...and kick it back for the day....when wifey poo calls wondering when you will be home....then you can say you will have to be a couple more hours....shore lunch isn't quite done cooking yet...mmmmmm
  6. If the fishing is slow... at least someone will catch something ­čśĆ­čĄ¬...from some of my experiences on the niagara river early spring the big schools of carp will take advantage of the bait run and gorge on minnows before there is plant growth and snails and such as a forage base....have caught lots bouncing white twisters....if chumming the water in the early season I have also found vanilla to be a good scent....its strong...in the cold water scent disperses slower....and like mentioned...there is not much of a plant based food source until the water starts to warm in shallow areas
  7. Back on topic...with bait a slip float big enough to cast way out...but as mentioned..that's area...and down stream by where the palm wood was....not a very ideal fishing spot...too shallow in a big part of it....gets bad for slimy weeds when the water is warm....and it's a zoo of boat traffic ect..
  8. Haha...that reminds me of being a little kid...scrounging up whatever we could for tackle and bait....rocks...nuts and bolts....find a worm under a rock...catch a sunfish....cut up the sunfish and use it to catch 100 more
  9. Cant see a cheaper parking option coming... Whirlpool...Glenn areas have had paid parking for a while
  10. 10 bucks ain't bad if you share on expenses... But wont take long until people figure a way around that...and all the nearby residents complain about parking on the street
  11. Rocky...shallow....slime covered bottom...and busy in the warm water season.....that being said if you can figure out a presentation to stay out of the snags and the slime....perch...walleye...smallies....but not an ideal fishing spot you gotta work for them
  12. Couple bags of sugar...a big kettle....some twisty copper tubing...fresh water....throw a burner under it for a bit...grab a couple jars...and here we go.....Nfn's first batch of the 2021 season ­čśĆ. .
  13. Pretty solid of you to check into that Tyler...heads up for those that may not have alot of experience...its a tricky launch with no docks....couple that with the height of the wall depending on water levels...the current...a whole bunch of shore anglers...you gotta know what you are doing...and best if you have a "glide on" trailer you can run your boat up on....that scenario is definitely not for a new or inexperienced boater
  14. If it comes together.. I could see about possibly helping out...I have helped put a few derbies on in the past
  15. Hard to say for sure with all the restrictions everywhere...and I have been way out of the loop on kids derbies for almost 20 years now...when people are allowed to gather again...and hold local events you could check in with any of the surrounding conservation club groups...they often hold kid and family events for fundraisers and such..we used to have 1 years back when I was a trustee for the club in stevensville.....and there is a decent fishing pond on that property when public use is allowed...some of the conservation areas also have them....the local bass clubs have kids events......and I'm sure that a few of us can lend you some advice here and there about some decent "kid friendly"...spots to try out where there's enough panfish action to keep the kids happy and a chance for the grown ups to catch big people fish......and nothing more fun than hooking something decent and passing off the rod to see the look on the little one's faces when they mess with something that tugs back...haha....or when the biggest one of the day is hooked on "the kids rod".
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