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  1. Dont know much details...saw quick news feed on my phone..apparently they found a body in Jaycee yesterday some time.
  2. Jwl1


    That's the elusive.. nottscatchalatelious...
  3. Mussel car๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚...there goes my secret reef
  4. Nice....mmmm....soak some tenderloin in buttermilk and rosemary over night.....top with sauce made from red wine....and a mix of dried fruit(apricots...cranberries....apple)....then stir in a pack of brown gravy mix.....and lastly.....what time is dinner????๐Ÿ˜
  5. As a guy who works nights....it gets old fast waking up in the dark every day....and weekend for example...get off work Saturday morn...had a snooze....woke up started puttering outside....ran out of daylight before I got my stuff done.....going to have to get some fishing in soon maybe even in the morning tomorrow to see some daylight for a few hours...lol
  6. Might be able to join you a morning this week if you get out Bill....can have the car Wednesday morning..otherwise wifeypoo needs it for work rest of the week
  7. It was a beauty day to be out....hard pressed to get something decent though....all I could entice was a bunch of small sunnies and perch....even got a shiner that was bigger than a few of the perch.....kept it on in hopes of a pike...but no go.....I'm going to try and get out a couple times coming up....need to find some decent minnows
  8. Pretty brutal on the traffic around the gorge.....that's why I like the middle of winter super cold days....lol....just to humor myself today to enjoy some sunshine from working steady nights....drowned some worms at the local pond....huge ones today!!!!!....haha....even caught a huge shiner and tried to coax a toothie rider...but nope.....haha...was a beauty day in the sun....still counts as no skunk๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽฃ .
  9. Couple hogs for sure
  10. Slip floated it to try and avoid the gobie factor......got some sunnies and a few small perch....I can also pretty much get out on weekends too..but sometimes avoid the busier spots..definitely got the pike bug before I start my steelie season
  11. Going to have to join you soon bill....so far only day I have the car free and clear before bed for the day are Wednesdays when the other half is off
  12. Cool....saw some small chub minnows a couple weekends ago at rennie when I took my daughter out for a few casts....we used worms just to get out and enjoy some time and the weather together
  13. Never know what you catch this time of year on the minnows....prob for me right now is getting out....I get off work 630 am...just in time to hand off the keys to the lil woman to head off to work....oh also wondering if you caught or bought the minnows????
  14. I'm with you guys on the pike fishing idea....gotta work it out with the other half and her work schedule so I can have the car to get at it sooner than later.. lol
  15. I think they found a body there yesterday????,
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