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  1. We also need to get the other cormmorants under control as well. The human ones. I see them almost everyday taking fish regardless of size or species. You call the Ministry but there is no size limit on these fish and by the time the ministry gets around to checking. Well all the evidnce is gone. Time for size limits on Perch and Bass. Just my 2 cents. As for the feathered cormorants. Please after you shoot them be a good guy and dispose of them and not leave a mess.
  2. F4U

    What to do

    This is the second time he has been called on minnows. I think its 72 or 120. Ill look it up.
  3. F4U

    What to do

    Heard today He got called in again. This time it was an issue with minnows.
  4. We use to get the big jumbos in Fort Erie. Not no more. I think when all the guys that fished there passed on . They took them with them . LOL
  5. Got to realize 100s of thousand years ago the whole area was an inland sea. When you look at the escarpment you can imagine where the shore was.
  6. Nice Boe. Glad you came home with a catch. Use to fish up there but never caught anything. Al though we stopped at a stream on the way home and got some nice brookies.
  7. F4U

    What to do

    Im leaving it alone. The saying goes give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.. The only thing Im doing now is if he comes near me I tell him to get lost.
  8. F4U

    Minnow Run

    I worked with the Ministry about 40 years ago. We had a spawning box at De Q . Raised browns the first year and Rainbow for 2 years.Got so frustrated with the Ministry that we quit doing it. The fry went to either St Johns pond or to a private pond in Fonthill. Myjob was to squeeze and fertilize the eggs and keep tabs on them. The Biologist didnt like it when I told him to go back to school and get his money back. Raise Tropical fish for 15 years before the spawning box.
  9. F4U

    Minnow Run

    I know where to get big minnows. I did conservation work in the niagar area and I know the spots even in winter.
  10. F4U

    What to do

    Possibly he's still out there daily fishing. Hoping he gets caught soon
  11. F4U

    What to do

    Well was talking to somebody today the Ministry went to this guys house and they checked his freezer only to find a couple fish fillets
  12. F4U

    Minnow Run

    The minnows are running now off the customs dock. Saw 1 perch caught today. Shouldnt be much longer. I hope they will be bigger than what the stores are selling.
  13. F4U

    Minnows are finally running in Fort Erie. Saw 1 small Perch caught today. Shouldnt be long now for the bigger ones.


  14. F4U

    What to do

    Went down to Customs dock. He showed up. Got out of his van. Saw a guy weth a big Wally. Jump back into his van . Raced over to the Dog Leg. Couldnt get his stuff out fast enough. Raced down to the end of the Dog leg. Poor guy fishing there didnt get back to his spot in time.
  15. When the marina was in operation years ago. We would put our boat in there. Fishing with Texas rigs would fish the shore line and weed beds. Got some nice Large mouth down there. When we were doing the spawing box for trout we had nets in the harbour plus a holding pen. Man the Bass and crappie along with the perch. Got a lot of big ones along with Brown Trout.
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