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  1. Anyone been out to Sugarloaf lately? Looking to come down next weekend if the ice is still good. Just need a hard water fix.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm new to the area so it looks like I need to get the regs out and look them over.
  3. Anyone been down on the river below the dam today? (In front of the marina?) Thinking about making the trip tomorrow but wondering what the ice is like? Anything biting?
  4. You go out on the river you better have a boat under you this week!!
  5. Really - what is it with the butts? How hard is it put them in the pop can you just drank? Not a good sign of things to come if people can't take their garbage off the ice. Very sad to see.
  6. My times matched yours Corey but we were about 500 yards north of you. No hits for us or anyone around us today. I agree too much pressure on the fish with that many out there. Saturday was even heavier than today. I've never seen so many huts in one place like Saturday.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. Maybe see you out there Saturday.
  8. I'm ok with that as long as it's not a stupid amount.
  9. I'm new to this area. Where is this bait store you are talking about? Good to hear there are pickerel there.
  10. I'm coming down to Dunnville for some ice fishing ( or soft water if the temps suck) Jan 2nd. Anyone have any advise for where to set up? Thinking if it's soft water I may try the pier at Port Maitland and long pole it.
  11. Winter keeps up like this I may bring the boat!! LOL
  12. Hi guys - New to this end of the lake. Anyone able to give me some history on ice fishing the mouth of the Grand in February? Looking for any info as I've been drowning worms etc on the western end of Erie for the past 12 years and don't know this area well. Thanks in advance for the info.
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