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  1. Nope, soak the filets in cold salt water in the fridge over night. Brings any blood out. Works great
  2. Nice carp Daryl! Not a carp fisherman but today I stopped at the waters edge in grimsby….I make a weekly trip to 50 point market for some goodies. Many carp along the shore 2-4 feet cruising and many with their head down a** up….like the way I prefer my w…Never mind …. Assume they are in shallow feeding?
  3. I only deal with bay city marine in Hamilton. Dewildt Honda is a joke…..wouldn’t even order a part for pick up from them. At this time of year most repair shops are busy….
  4. +1 to what fish farmer said. Slow charge. I have an on board charger but found not to be using it because it took wayyy to long to charge all 3 of my batteries. Went back to the basics and slow charge with my trickle charger. The way I’ve been doing it seems to work. Got 9 great years out of my last interstates!
  5. Good summary Smerch- I agree with what you have said. Not that the “out of sight out of mind” is a great mentality but I need to get out of the city- just need to convince the wife to go north....I’m losing that battle unfortunately. Rather heartbreaking to see green space paved over and the changes I’ve seen in my time is mind blowing. As for the rabbits, I don’t see many anymore. This guy and his family have been in the neighbourhood for about a year now. They love to sleep on the hay I cover my strawberries with over the winter . CHS
  6. Are you sure those are bass? To me they kinda look like trout or salmon. hard to tell from a picture but I’d still report it.
  7. I launched my 17 foot fiberglass boat there last summer but trolling motored out till it got a bit deeper. You can do it no problem but if the water level is down I could see it being a pain. Also people need to learn how to park in that lot. People don’t realize there’s a ramp there and half block the lane way to back your boat in.
  8. Is the 40 launch at the pump house ? Or am I thinking of a different launch ?
  9. They need to do the same thing with port maitland. Out of towners pollute that pier, parking lot, launch and park. Apparently buses drop everyone off there and pick them up at the end of the day. Not sure if there’s truth to that.....
  10. Costco, hands down by far the cheapest I’ve ever seen. 10-12 bucks to fill a 20lber.
  11. You can start now for sure. It’s easier if the shore is ice free. Rocks/shoreline get very slippery with snow and ice on them.
  12. What is there to be caught through the ice at sugarloaf? Never fished it
  13. The world is getting so soft Smerch. My kids watch these movies all the time....PP is my daughters favourite movie. I think they are only banning these on kids accounts ...my Disney account isn’t set up as a children account so watch on my little ones 🤘
  14. Finally bit the bullet. Had some bass pro gift cards still so I ordered a Garmin Echomap UHD 75SV On sale basically for half price at cabelas. Regular 1299 on sale for 699. Looking forward to newer technology. Just have to order the livescope now 😎
  15. Just make sure to do your maintenance one way or another. Also, start your boat in the spring at home before you head to the lake. Don’t be THAT guy at the ramp !!!
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