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  1. Finally bit the bullet. Had some bass pro gift cards still so I ordered a Garmin Echomap UHD 75SV On sale basically for half price at cabelas. Regular 1299 on sale for 699. Looking forward to newer technology. Just have to order the livescope now 😎
  2. Just make sure to do your maintenance one way or another. Also, start your boat in the spring at home before you head to the lake. Don’t be THAT guy at the ramp !!!
  3. You got it smerch! I basically put some Sta-Bil in the gas And run the motor out of gas. Drain the gear oil and replace . Fog the cylinders And that’s as far as the motor goes. I always give it a good clean, take the batteries out and charge them in a nice warm dry spot. Like you said- sparkies, filter and impeller etc. wait until I’ve put enough use on it. With 2 young kids under the age of 3 it rarely gets used anymore anyways but the garage sure looks good with the rig in it 🤣.
  4. I just do it myself. Been winterizing my boats since I was a youngster with my dad at the cottage learning on the old 9.9’s. Never had 1 issue in the spring.
  5. Small world bubba, I’m in Kearney!
  6. I bought up north close to where my cottage is . Katrine Marine
  7. Deetch. I have a 6 hp Suzuki on my little tinner at the cottage. It replaced a blown 9.9 mariner. Bought it new and ran it for 3 years now and no problems. I actually really like it and was much easier on the wallet than Merc/yammy/honda.
  8. Got 100,000 k out of my last all terrains. 👊
  9. All terrains here all year On the truck . Got the little snowflake on them so insurers recognize as winter tires as well. On the wife’s car she gets the seasonal winter/summer change out.
  10. Ty, braided line floats. Spool up with 50-60 pound power pro and let er rip!!
  11. Careful smerch. If you water your dog too much he will get too big and you’ll Have to sell your fishing gear to buy a bigger house.
  12. Can anyone recommend a decent vise? Looking at getting into a new hobby over the winter and tie my own jigs and buck tails . At some point I’ll also tie my own flies when I get back into fly fishing. Any recommendations/experiences with specific vises would be great. CHS
  13. Lol. Deeper is the name of it.
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