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  1. I bet there’s some dying black salmon making its way through some sushi dishes as of recently 😯.
  2. Chef Martins on King street in downtown Stoney Creek Is my favourite.
  3. Smerch, can’t forget about Costco’s fresh chicken pot pies . Not sure there is a better way to spend $10.
  4. Agreed Costco Grimsby is great. Much closer to me than the Ancaster location which I avoid like the coronavirus. I can’t believe how cheap the propane fill up is and Kirkland is definitely good for certain items !
  5. Nice Tyler! Great pictures!
  6. Agree smerch. Sherkston isn’t a park for anglers at all. For me Personally it would offer me nothing. I’ve been a few time’s to visit friends and don’t care to ever go back. Not to say that I don’t like the park thing. I’ve been to many in the quinte/kawarthas and loved it . For 10-20 grand in park fees as someone who loves fishing I’d buy a piece of land somewhere and put a trailer on it instead.
  7. Lol 4 grand is cheap compared to other parks too! Isn’t the Sherkston watering hole like 10 grand a year ? 🍻
  8. A parking lot is a parking lot. Pay or get ticketed. If you can’t afford to pay the fee - you probably can’t afford to fish....it’s a pretty expensive hobby/sport.
  9. Went out once out of grimsby in August. Crushed em all on the same spoon. The color was “hog wild” I believe
  10. Do you do private courses or through a facility?
  11. Goose is so fun. Man they are tough birds !!
  12. Hahah definitely not to the Aquaducts. Hahah definitely not to the Aquaducts.
  13. I did not. I will be next year though!
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