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  1. I may go down Saturday AM if that is interesting
  2. My plans may be changing. Might be in a boat that day. I’ll let u know as soon as I do.
  3. I’ll be going down next Wednesday early AM if you are interested. You have to be there when it’s dark as literally every fish I’ve caught this year has been btw twilight and just after sunrise. That plus there are a few preferred spots so early is best. So 6am and leave by 9am
  4. Mbocco


    As I lifted her out of the net she shook and sent me a face full of eggs which were spewing out of her if I tipped her tail downwards. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before!!
  5. Mbocco


    Here’s a spawning salmon from just now... She was released but did donate some eggs, one of which literally landed in my mouth. Caviar for breakfast.
  6. Mbocco


    Store bought brown trout eggs yes. I’ll report if I land a female Wednesday AM.
  7. Mbocco


    OK. I’ll play.... You already know what I do though... Salmon in the pool on spoons and spinners last 4 weeks. Will now move on to float fishing for salmon in the pool as the bite has changed predominantly to beads or roe. Once November arrives it’ll be steelie time where I will float fish, bottom bounce from shore, and by the sounds of it, bottom bounce from a boat on lucky days! 🙂
  8. Those look sharp. Do you still need to wear a pfd? I know that suit has float assistance but would it keep u afloat in the river?
  9. I’d love to join you on any Wednesday’s that you wish. And I’d be happy to contribute in any way possible.
  10. Mbocco


    At the pool the other morning I was 65% sure I saw a trout jump. But that also leaves me 45% unsure.
  11. There are 2 machines now also. One on each side
  12. Honestly it irks me to have had to pay buy $15 for 365 days isn't exactly unreasonable.
  13. I’m a Wednesday AM regular.
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