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  1. Back to Grundy we were for dad son camping. A lot of rain again but plenty of pike and bass for all. We spent the day yesterday on Clear Lake which is far less populated by campers. That’s where all the better fishing is here. I caught my share so offered to take kids out on the canoe 2 at a time and put them on fish. For most it was their first time catching fish in artificial. I am all for worms but there is nothing like casting and retrieving a lure and enticing a strike. The boys loved it. We had a fishing contest and everything. Fun times.
  2. He doesn’t kayak though. 😁
  3. Not good. More news to be weaponized for another cause.
  4. You can buy a $40 per year (usually $60) parking pass that covers the majority of tourist parking lots. It’s good for 2 cars. This doesn’t apply to boat launch parking however. Those are $120 per year I believe which covers the group of Niagara park launches including queenston.
  5. Not a good idea in front of queenston. Heading back up river on the queenston drift drops you right in a huge current that doesn’t feel nice even in a boat. You go drift downriver but it’s still hard to get back up. You can kayak more near the mouth
  6. Yes. I bought a mount that attaches to my universal track.
  7. It was a couple years ago but under $100. I had to splice my own attachment. But it’s the lightest solution.
  8. Realistically on a kayak or canoe most people don’t buy a > $1000 unit. The smaller cheaper units don’t have great resolution and large screen sizes which makes the downscan and sidescan less useful. It does depend on what and how you are fishing but for me it’s GPS, speed, depth, structure. But, I fish large bodies of water mostly.
  9. Only for structure and depth changes
  10. I bought a talent cell power bank 8300mAh. It weighs 1lb and powers my finder for a week.
  11. I would suggest not drilling holes to start and run it with the cords outside then decide if u still want to drill holes. You also will want to be certain of the exact spot for your finder if drilling. So better to fish a bunch of times with it installed to see where u like to have it. If you put it in the wrong spot it will be in your way.
  12. Nice!! Good choice. Now you can find the fish you won’t catch but catch the ones you don’t find. Ironic really. Let me know if u need help with the transducer mount
  13. Remember that realistically you can only effectively fish for fish in less than 50ft water. 25ft from a deep diving crankbait and another 20ft from a snap weight or jet diver, etc.
  14. The track is universal. Scotty Brocraft Ram. They all work. But the short ones will leave the rod butt right in your peddling space. You can buy extenders so they are above your knees but I prefer to hold one and use the built in rear holders
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