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  1. No words from dad. No movement either.
  2. In the whirlpool Monday AM as I was finishing up, a boy about that age showed up with his dad. He was wading in about knee high which really isn’t necessary. The Whirlpool Jet came into the pool and did its usual loops. The wake comes fast and if u r not expecting it it can be bad. I told the kid to get out of the water. He just looked at me. I said “you have about 10 seconds before it gets stupid”. Thankfully he listened just in time.
  3. Any tributary off Lake Ontario will have some of them but sizeable in those spots….no. You can also add the 20 (Jordan) and the 40 (Grimsby) and every tiny creek in between. Reliable and sizeable numbers for the 12 (Pt Dalhousie) and of course the Niagara river.
  4. If you don’t dunk your reels or have sand blow on them there won’t be much maintenance required for decently sealed reels. Splashing water or rain is not usually an issue unless you have a super cheap reel. A little reel oil on the handle knob and some on the line roller bearing is easy. Remove the spool, and if the reel shaft looks dirty then wipe it off and use a TINY amount of oil. Not too much or you can mess up your anti reverse clutch. Unless your reel feels crunchy or has become harder to crank then you don’t need to open it up. If you do though, make sure you know how to put it back together. Grease is needed on the internal parts. Do not use WD40 on anything unless you plan on completely regreasing everything inside. You can wipe a small film on the outside of your reel to repel water but not on the bearings. That is all I do and my reels feel brand new still.
  5. Ya there is lots of easier shore access in those areas and of course near Queenston but those aren’t really salmon spots. Steelhead soon though.
  6. If you are asking me, I don’t fish Port Dalhousie… not enough space. All my pics are from the whirlpool. I’ll eat a salmon from Lake Ontario during the summer but not from the river. I always let them go. I don’t even keep skein or eggs anymore because I don’t enjoy that style of fishing.
  7. 19lb. 36”. Still silver though it’s hard to tell cause it was still dark outside.
  8. They must be all in the whirlpool 🤪
  9. Tyler. Bring your stingeye spinners. Though admittedly I’ve only hooked up on crankbaits this year so far.
  10. The fighting still happens and Port D is tight with too many people around me. It’s not pleasant for me. I only shore fish for salmon from 5-8am in the whirlpool or glen because there is always space at those times in those places. Plus it’s better fishing then.
  11. Salmon are available and fun as heck to fight in current. Bass also want to fatten up now. Steelhead in November
  12. Well said. Even if u are more PPC then PC you can’t vote PPC.
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