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  1. Wow. Lost count. Bedtime. Welcome to 2021.
  2. Happy New Year!! 1 beer 🍺 in
  3. Don’t forget... She is ALWAYS listening 👂
  4. Oh my God. What was that explanation and what did they give him instead?
  5. Yup. He changed his mind today. Interesting.
  6. I wish I knew. This will be kind of like March and April. 😔
  7. As of Dec 24th 12:01am all of Ontario is locked down. 28 days minimum for Sudbury and south and 14 days minimum for north of that. That doesn’t necessarily mean “grey”. The details of this lockdown will be released tomorrow. I suspect it will be more strict than current grey. Our last hockey was today. Arenas will close Thursday and hockey will be 100% done until February. I hope marinas stay open.
  8. Specifics will be announced Monday afternoon as to who will be closed. If they are included in the lockdown it will start Thursday. I think they will be closed but I hope not.
  9. Oh geez. Can u tell I had been drinking when I typed that? Wrong pale and wrong auto correct. Must have still had pale ale on the brain. Anyhow, it’s just a regular size bucket. More like 1 gallon. It’s filled with about 4 inches of dirt. It has drainage/breathing holes on the bottom. They are really small. I add dirt now and then. I only feed the pail vegetables (especially banana peels) and water it every few days making sure the soil is moist. It lives inside, which my wife hates.
  10. I throw worms into a pale when I see them. Or I throw the leftovers if I ever buy a dozen into a pale. I water the pale and feed it banana peels and lettuce. I just dumped it and there are over 50 worms on it. Babies and adults! Neat stuff.
  11. Float fishing will out fish bottom bouncing if you are good at it. You can stay in the strike zone longer as your presentation is more consistent once you figure out your weights and depths. You can’t bottom bounce the whirlpool anymore. There is so much snagged line twisted around the rocks it’s a snag almost every time. You can still catch trout on spoons, spinners and crankbaits down there. Vary your retrieve and depth. The vast majority of fish I catch are within 20ft of shore and within 2ft of bottom. Elsewhere in the lower you can bottom bounce using weights
  12. Tyler. How is your braid failing? Is it the knots?
  13. Haha. I believe the no bananas on the boat theory is a bad luck superstition thing more related to dying than fishing.
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