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  1. Wow. That’s a lot of floats. Do you lose many?
  2. When I make skating rinks for the kids you can skate on 2” if just a couple kids but it’s not a good idea. It’s a really bad idea if that’s 2” above a few feet of water cause you don’t want to fall through with skates for obvious reasons. Less danger on a rink.
  3. I know you are all anxiously awaiting ice, but I like the open water. Went out today, despite the fact that the river was mud with less than a foot of visibility. The nice thing about that is that there was no one there except me. So, terrible water, but no fishing pressure. Here is the result… She sure was fat!
  4. Fish assassins are out there all the time too.
  5. The Niagara river is always available! Caught a nice steelie today.
  6. This was the best fishing year of my life in Canada. I could not enjoy Florida, which is my passion, but I’ve never caught so many species on only artificial in one single year, in many different ways. -drum -smallie -largie -pike -musky -lake trout -steelhead trout -brown trout -chinook salmon -coho salmon Absent from the list is walleye which I never targeted. If you add Jamaica to the list, I can include Barracuda and Jack Trevalle. So glad I rediscovered fishing.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your families.
  8. Problem with those products is those are negative fish attractants. Meaning fish hate the smell of petroleum, silicone, gasoline, etc. So dousing your line with that may be a bad idea. A bit of chapstick is probably neutral.
  9. There’s a good trick with braid bird nests.. I carry a chapstick and rub some into the bird mess and usually it will easily pull right out without damaging the line.
  10. On spinning setups I use 10lb braid on almost everything 2500. Plenty of strength for most fishing. I have one 3000 reel that has 15lb braid for my 10’6 rod. It catches salmon and trout in the Niagara river so 15lb is nice. Quality braid will not break easily. Most 10lb braids won’t break under 20lb of pressure which never happens with fish around here (even in the Niagara river). That’s why you have a drag. I’ve used power pro, kastking, daiwa J braid and Suffux 832, and they are all good. I ALWAYS use a leader. Generally speaking mono is good enough but I will use fluoro if fishing trout in clear water or if I need the line to sink. Mono knots better than fluoro and is more abrasion resistant for river fishing rocky bottom. My mono leaders range from 10-25lbs depending on what I’m doing. 10lbs for most fishing but 25lbs for salmon. My fluoro is 10lbs for trout. On baitcasters I use 15lb braid but most people can’t cast 15lb braid from a baitcaster without causing a birds nest. I also have 30lb but the reduced casting distance and feel is significant so I prefer 15lb. I don’t have issues with 15lb digging in to my spool as I don’t catch huge fish with that setup. Again leaders as above. I never tie anything direct from braid. Hope that helps.
  11. It’s going to make a mess of the Niagara river this coming week.
  12. Soon fishing will only be for boaters and kayakers.
  13. If you look back in time at any news releases, anyone requiring rescue from the water gets charged with no trespassing.
  14. Must be because he is in the water. I wonder who called for the rescue? From that spot and back to shore with the water at that level he would have been just above waist high for a couple feet. Pretty sure he could have easily made it back but perhaps didn’t want to get soaking wet? Did he not see the level rising? Maybe he thought it would recede again. It would have at about 10pm.
  15. Jesus. That’s kinda my go to rock. BEFORE 8:30am when the pool rises 5-6ft
  16. People are actually getting PCR tests in Canada then going to the US for day trips, etc and coming home using that PCR test from Canada. Shows how ridiculous it is to require a test in the first place. You can get a free PCR test in Canada if u answer the questions strategically.
  17. I assume that was to say Cripp’s. Are the trails closed too? Or just the shore from Cripps down to Pebbly?
  18. Geez. Hope she is healing well. If u need anything that can be helpful let me know.
  19. There is a caution sign I think at the base of the path. But then there is this big gigantic circular body of water with current flowing in 2 directions at a super fast pace which drops off sharply about 10ft in. Oh that plus at 830am the water level rises as much as 6ft! All that scream “let’s stand waist deep in this water” What could possibly go wrong?
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