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  1. I can tell you it sucks. I’m more than happy to run the garbage out to the bin to get mask free fresh air outside.
  2. It’s getting worse than plastic bottles and coffee cups.
  3. Except that it seems that some of Niagara’s vaccines are being sent to “hot spots”. Bookings filled up early last week and as far as I know haven’t opened up again.
  4. That was my experience there as well. I think waiting 4 months for shot#2 is dumb but so be it I guess.
  5. ... and installed parking meters. This is very unfortunate. I’m not skipping this year’s shallow water salmon fishing. I’ll launch my kayak off a rock if I have to.
  6. Mbocco


    Every one of those useless blue masks are made in China
  7. It was a bit rough out there today. North wind. I’m glad I had the yak I have. Felt safe and balanced.
  8. A few more today. All between 9-11lbs from 15-20ft of green clear water. They would only take 1 single lure which had to be green.
  9. That surely would also work. The flickers run 20ft down. A snap weight 50ft back with the lure another 100ft back adds another 20ft depending on weight size. A 3 way could work but with the snap weight I can run a longer fluoro leader and remove it when a fish is on so I can reel the fish all the way to the net. The 3 way is not in the way.
  10. I like flicker shads and flicker minnows. They are cheap, and they dive easier than a spoon. You can always tell that they are working by looking at your rod tip. I have tried spoons but in the depth required to catch lakers you would need additional weight. No downrigger on my vessel. I do have snap weights which I did not use today. I brought 6 lures out today. That’s it. If they didn’t work then it was going to be a day out exercising. Minimizing your tackle box does help you really master that lure.
  11. Didn’t forget my net today!
  12. Happy Easter everyone. I just did 4 hours of spring yard work and now I’m going fishing!
  13. I’m not even going to ask how one stumbles upon that product while surfing the internet?
  14. I hope so. Though I was about to defend your statements.
  15. NBA Basketball just might be worse
  16. I’m in Grimsby and my Cogeco is always perfect 300 down. It’s never throttled, and never overloaded by neighbours. Hopefully you can get it up there.
  17. Wow. That’s a crazy story. Glad you can tell it.
  18. Ya that’s why I’ll use Foran’s in Grimsby too instead of the 40. It’s nice to not have to get wet or wear waders.
  19. I believe the sign now reads $5 for kayaks. But there’s just a lock box with envelopes. I assume you put money in the envelope, and write your licence plate on the outside. I didnt see a person when I went down to check it out. Maybe in the summer there will be a human in that dilapidated hut.
  20. I don’t think anyone monitors any parking there but I have considered paying the $5 launch fee for piece of mind.
  21. Forans or 40 Mile creek. I might do Jordan next.
  22. Those are all great points. It also illustrates how personal kayak section is. My first kayak taught me what I liked and disliked. This new kayak checks all the boxes. For me sacrificing some capacity for a smaller lighter kayak was actually an intended positive. This smaller kayak with rudder tracks way better than my longer one without rudder. I also bring very little with me. 2 rods, fishfinder, tiny lithium battery, pliers, one Plano, some leader material, and from now on... A NET!!
  23. The closest retailer for me was Fogh Marine in Etobicoke.
  24. I looked at the one I bought, the Native Slayer Propel and the cheaper Hobie. Ultimately I went with the Oldtown because of the warranty, the price, the purchase location and the availability. Hobie is the top model for sure but costs the most and has to be pre-ordered. It’s also super heavy which I was trying to avoid. The mirage drive is very efficient and reliable...just different. In Lake Ontario and Erie however I think either drive system is great. If you were going to spend a lot of time in shallow water with weeds then Hobie for sure is better. You can flutter
  25. Yup that’s the one. I got a slightly better deal on a last in stock 2020. Mine is the orange and black one. They are expensive but they retain their value fully when it comes time to sell.
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