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  1. ok, have updated. Thx for the heads up!
  2. Hoping to keep my good luck going after the catfish/worms outing, I was able to land this fella hiding inside this pipe down in Cooks Mills. Haven't caught a largie in a very long time,
  3. I was able to track some down en route to Welland and it proved to be valuable. 3 small Cats in about an hour off the Welland River. Thanks again for all of the suggestions. Never had caught a cat fish before so I drove off happy with the evening.
  4. Thanks everyone, really appreciate it!
  5. Only got about 10-15 minutes in St Davids thus far..here is to hoping that changes.
  6. Hey all, In the chance that I am not able to pull up any of my own from the ground, does anyone know of a store somewhere along the "route" from St. David's to Welland, where I might be able to purchase some worms for evening fishing tomorrow? Thanks in advance !
  7. Ryan


    for sure-thank you! Have you ever fished that creek before? Any luck?
  8. Ryan


    Awesome thanks for the info I appreciate it
  9. Ryan


    Mostly Catfish, crappies, thinking that is all that I might find in there? Again I have never fished that area before so if I am completely wrong, please feel free to let me know!
  10. Ryan


    thank you! I really appreciate all this information.
  11. Ryan


    Thanks! Are you referring to fishing within that small trib, or the welland river itself?
  12. Ryan


    Hey all, Coming up on an unexpected afternoon off soon, and hoping to take advantage of this weather. Today I fished for a very brief period of time as I was driving by this spot. Not one bite..not sure how much could even be in there. Some areas shallow, some areas looked a bit deeper but I was only casting from shore. It was a small trib coming off the Welland river, right near chippawa creek road. Just wondering, next time I go I am going to throw on some waders and go in the direction of the River. Any suggestions on some lures or bait to use for shallow river fishing? Or if I should just forgo that trib and head right to the river? Any suggestion very much appreciated! Screenshot of what I am talking about, below
  13. Comparatively to many folks here, I don't have the same # of years under my belt fishing, but what I can say is that I have found the allure of fishing to be the chance to shut off the phone, email, screens in general. Just disconnect for a bit. This seems like more work, lugging all that equipment around.
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