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  1. there is a bit of current in port Dalhousie so that might be part of the problem. I have been trying to figure out how to get m lure to the bottom while not letting it get washed all the way downstream or staying near the top. It might be my issue.
  2. I have been fishing port Dalhousie both the dam and off the pier, I have also tried the mouth of jordan a couple times and that is where I got the hits on a J-13. although I do think those were lmb.
  3. Thanks for the tip, i will keep spoon chucking for now.
  4. I still have yet to land by first salmon. I have been out multiple 5+ hour nights and have only gotten 2 hits. I was thinking i might as well switch to bottom bouncing with roe to try to get them. Im think bound to hook up on a king at some time soon. (I hope lol)
  5. About shore fishing for salmon, I felt that I wanted to get into it this year and I just have some questions about it. I have outfitted myself with all the proper gear so that is no problem. I am planning on fishing the mouth of Jordan harbour and I am wondering if that is a fishable spot? Also what would be the optimal time of day/conditions to do it. And my main question is, Do I have to be fishing at the mouth of the harbour or can I fish off the rocks of the marina (I know you are not supposed to do that but I do it anyway). Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Great job i never seem to have luck there
  7. If you want to catch a bass I suggest heading up to the grand and tying on a small inline spinner and just cast it around. Went there yesterday and got 12 smallies is an hour. Biggest was about 1.5 lb but a bass is a bass.
  8. Got into my first pike last night along with 4 other bass. 25 inches and it was missing an eye.
  9. I almost never use straight braid when fish unless its for catfish which couldn't care less about the line.
  10. I love braid. I have never had any issues with it and it allows for much longer casts and much more line on the spool. It also doesn't have any memory or stretch which I have found helpful. I guess it is just personal preference.
  11. Let me know if you have any luck. I have tried everything from senkos to crankbaits to buzzbaits and i can't seem to catch a bass from there lol.
  12. I have tried there 3 time this year and I got 1 follow each trip but i couldn't get anything to bite. There was a big school of goldfish when I went the one time though.
  13. Not quite the opener but I did get out for bass and ended my 3 year bass drought (I only fished for bass 1 time in this timespan I'm not that bad lol). Got 2 dinks on topwater.
  14. I think a peddle kayak is better for traveling distances but i spend a lot of time in shallow water where a peddle system would be too deep. WIth a trolling motor i can use it depending on my situation so that's why i stuck with my paddle. That trolling motor seems good enough for me but the battery's do get a bit pricey lol.
  15. How do you like this motor? Is 30" a good shaft length for a yak? I am not looking for speed or anything just a low maintenance motor that will last a few years I was debating whether to upgrade to a pedal powered kayak but i decided a paddle is better for most of my fishing. I would like to be able to easily troll and such so that is why I am looking into a trolling motor.
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