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  1. A lot of the crazy drivers seem to be older, men and women.
  2. He would have been hung had he been a Trump supporter.
  3. Hard to say. Medical information needs to stay private, not made public. If there is enough push back to the passport nonsense, then maybe they'll not do it at all.
  4. They deserve to lose your business. Or any other business that deems it mandatory to infringe upon your rights to do business there.
  5. Imagine the price for propane if everybody converted? That's what will happen with electricity if JT gets his way. As for the catalytics, you'd have to by-pass / fool the rear O2 censor. When I had my '87 Buick Regal, that's what I did, but for more power. (free flow exhaust) If you like diesels, best to get 2009 and older. Less emission controls and censors. I would not buy a new diesel anything.
  6. Its the reason why propane is used. Lower cost.
  7. Copying them now would be lazy and unoriginal. I'd say purposedly bass fishing in crocodile and hippo infested waters with lions and hyenas on shore would be great video.
  8. Life never stopped before for any flu. Go out and vote. Remember JT loves The Great Reset. If you fear of ever losing your assets, don't worry you'll have none under JT.
  9. Yes, should be interesting. All it takes is one injury/death to get them to react.
  10. Obviously they have taken well to the region.
  11. They are all puppets. Only true independents are PPC and CHP but they're too small.
  12. Physics dictates that gallon of propane has 27% less energy than a gallon of gasoline, the fuel economy of propane vehicles is slightly lower.
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