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  1. Same household is your pass.
  2. Driving through many times. Never fished. No way they came down just for Niagara River mercury sticks. 😉
  3. Opportunists. If its there, why not? Shouldn't you be fishing on this fine day, Smerchly?
  4. Pushing the fear is as follows: "A DEADLY NOVEL VIRUS is sweeping the planet. NOBODY IS IMMUNE and there is NO CURE. ASYMPTOMATIC people are major drivers of disease. So we have to LOCKDOWN and WEAR MASKS until everybody is VACCINATED. Anybody who challenges this narrative is a danger to society."
  5. Cases are most likely from pro-mask wearers. I'm not talking, just to put one on to go into a store, but all the time, even when they're driving a vehicle, by themselves! 😄 When do the masks start to work into our third wave after July 2020? Yeah, thought so.
  6. Technically they should be disposed of in biohazard bins. How many store fronts have those available to go along their "mandatory mask" policy? Yeah, thought so.
  7. Best way. Away from the problem crowds (those who leave garbage, tresspass, etc).
  8. Somebody would complain about "racial profiling".
  9. Explains why SCGF was so packed this morning. Most I've seen. I'm sure lots of tickets were handed out for the half on the road parking.
  10. If you can smell a fart through your mask, its not working. He who SMELT it, dealt it. 🤢
  11. To be fair the smelt crowd probably left at day break. There were 5 vehicles total, 2 with trailers.
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