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  1. From that Deeper sonar that Tyler put up is from a South African fellow. Lots of good videos and here is one of them. You may want to use subtitles to get through the accent. I don't think carp from there will behave any differently. Still got to eat, right?
  2. Definitely good for scoping unknown water from shore, but I don't like the idea of using my phone....unless you buy another phone just for that purpose.
  3. Are you sure about that? Think about the farmed salmon environment, what they're fed and what their overall health detriments are like. Kind of like basa (super cheap fish). Research it and see why. 🤢
  4. Orange or pink is best for my eyes. Anything green or yellow washes out in the sun.
  5. Its the flavour combinations that make it addictive. That and the wasabi. I remember my first time with that. Clear sinuses for days. 😬
  6. Sushi Jade in Hamilton and Amakara in St.Catharines. Its the only food I go out for (eat in or order out). Everything else I can make at home. I want to keep that "special" even though it would be great to learn.
  7. I can't imagine traffic being better in the Niagara Falls location than it was at Fairview.
  8. Or you will realize you don't need to shop at Costco.
  9. I admit it is fun to observe them and not try to catch them (you know why you don't really catch them). Here is CBC article revealing the spots. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/go-fish-cheer-on-the-migrating-salmon-in-toronto-this-weekend/ar-BB1a5fF2?ocid=hplocalnews
  10. A $50 written test? 60 question multiple choice, 80% minimum pass? That would be good.
  11. Good you went out. Beauty day for fishing. Its not over yet.
  12. I'll be doing my morning drive down there and see what's going on in general. *business as usual. busy, but not crowded. seen seven shore fishers.
  13. I was scouting a fishing area and as I drove up to where I was going to park I saw a fox. The fox interested in something on the grassy ground. I observed for a bit before driving up closer. I saw something move and the fox pounced with front paws and stopped, repeated this again. So I drove up slowly. Fox didn't move. It looked up at me and back to the ground. I was close enough to see it was a large mouse. The fox didn't run away even after I rolled down my window to say, "What are you doing?". But kept looking at me and back at the mouse. So the mouse scampered, the fox pounce
  14. Try not changing for a year, see how it goes.
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