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  1. Look at this from the WHO admitting this on the 21st: WHO Information Notice for IVD Users 2020/05 So maybe the test results won't be exploited (to justify masks/lockdowns/fines, etc) and the so-called "cases" can drop down to accurate and realistic numbers. Oh, what will Doug Ford and the other politicians do?
  2. Restaurants/gyms/salons have definitely been hardest hit. Many of their closures are around in the area. And based on what actually? There was a lawsuit filed against NYS for lack of the so-called scientific evidence (as per Gov Cuomo) and justification. It didn't go to court, but once filed, they were allowed to open with reduced capacities. Better than being fully shutdown.
  3. Just know (and stand up for) your rights and you'll be fine.
  4. I only support Serf-Mart, at this time, because I can shop inside the store.
  5. I'm sure with the piers, there will be designated fishing areas once the development is all complete. Depending on the number of boat slips to be issued in the channel. I'm sure pay parking will be introduced as well.
  6. Doug Ford's Staff DON'T KNOW THE LAW! Call with Jane McKenna's Office (bitchute.com)
  7. Must feel good now to have a system to catch them now more often.
  8. I'm sure the thread will get deleted after I post this, so watch it while you can. Its from today. Kevin J Johnston PROVES The New STAY AT HOME Order is INVALID and A JOKE (bitchute.com)
  9. When a government says "you don't need one", it means you will need one.
  10. Best spot would be the slight current that's there.
  11. Surprised nobody out on it.
  12. I'm sure there are many who will line up for this.
  13. I usually come here first, but now Serfmart has my business until they open back up.
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