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  1. That I can't help with. I guess like with any fish, different gear for different situations/presentations. Troller? Caster? Jigger? If you fish Upper Niagara regularly, you should be able to get one accidently. Maybe just used your beefiest bass/pike bait caster combo? My fish have come on typical bass spinnerbaits while fishing bass and pike. #5 #6 inline bucktail spinners should do good too (bigger profile).
  2. All my muskie have been accidental and nice surprises. Otherwise if you want to target them specifically, I'd suggest invest money in a guide who specializes in it. Upper Niagara River most likely.
  3. Canadian Tire is way over priced on a lot of things. I'd sooner go to BPS.
  4. Fish for pike and bass and you'll catch a muskie.
  5. There is no benefit to owning an electric car. I've looked into it.
  6. Gas going up so they push you into electric cars.
  7. There is also a caveat with dash cams as well, it records your driving as well.
  8. I guess you could follow until they hit something or it becomes too concerning. Get a plate number, location and call it in. Police can ask for your footage later if needed.
  9. This is why I have front and rear (for tailgaters/passers, etc) dash cams. It could help me or somebody else.
  10. Yes, too many people (common denominator) affect everything environmental. I thought the sewage smell was bad before the condos get up and running. How about the algae smell from Lakeside. People still in the water. CDP beach is closed for blue algae.
  11. Your boater's manual to get your boater's card will say something. I remember it was one of the questions on the test.
  12. Its possible a reasonable transfer was done. Hard to say who actually owns the land though.
  13. Nothing will happen unless it was home to an endangered specie(s).
  14. Atlantics usually have Xs on the sides above the lateral line, slightly forked tail (not square) and thin towards tail (as opposed to thick).
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