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  1. You had a 50/50 chance of being correct.
  2. Real-world commodities in the past six months: • Oil has gone from $37.50/barrel to $63.50/barrel, a 70% move! • Lumber has gone from $500 to $1,500, a 200% move! (in six months!!) • Copper has jumped from $3.10 to $4.50, a 45% appreciation! • Coffee has soared from $100 to $143, a 43% gain! • Wheat has surged from $550 to $740, a 34% yield! Oh, must not forget about a "chicken wing" shortage in the USA. Beef prices very high too. My favourite steak is like $15 each when las year on sale you could get 4 for $30.
  3. Remember in Muskokas many years ago how property values soared and so did the property taxes? Didn't matter if the cabin slept two or was mansion like, they all got hit the same. In some cases families force to sell because of ridiuclous taxes (not the rich, but a shack passed down to each generation type).
  4. So you want property tax for a $10,000,000 house? 🤫
  5. They do that in NYS side Lake Erie, where you'd be allowed 1 fish. Its not like all bass are nesting shallow at the same time plus its pretty early for nesting. Usually early June when the shallows start to flourish. Go deeper you should be fine. If you fish for pike / walleye which open as well, you can risk catching a bass, so what do you do then?
  6. Black Carp Black Carp Profile_2019 - YouTube China: Sportfishing master catches 75kg black carp - YouTube
  7. Catch as many differerent species as you can? Took photo yesterday at Jordan Conservation Area. Could be sign of things to come? Anybody aware of up to date specie/location of these four?
  8. Trout from Lake O no doubt. I wouldn't worry.
  9. More freedom with fuel. Fastest recharge time you have with a super charger (like designated recharge station) is 40 minutes (not factoring in a line up for it and that its on your travel route. Not sure that would cost for a 75% drain. Otherwise you upgrade your home service its 8 hrs, and if you don't its up to 14 hrs.
  10. I'm going to try tomorrow, but recent weather probably turning them off.
  11. Other than less maintenance, there is no real advantage to owning a EV car.
  12. Top parking lot and where the ramp is at Queenston. You know Port D is ripe for parking fees as condo people need their assigned spaces.
  13. Tube jigs can be good. Blade baits too (heavy, good feel/contact in choppy water).
  14. Why wouldn't you have tried it already? 🤪 I would not do it blindly though, have a fish finder at least to try the busy areas or structures.
  15. Just follow the regs and you won't have an issues. Usually pike open up with walleye as well.
  16. Just think if you didn't go out. You'd be day dreaming an outing like you had.
  17. Complete indocrination from the big 3. Gov't, MSM and corporations.
  18. Dr.'s prescription....MORE fishing!
  19. Just like in the US with Mexican border. Just letting them all in and relocating them all over. On another note, Florida seems to be the most popular state because they're back to normal.
  20. SCGF ramp was half busy this morning. Not sure when they'll close it down.
  21. Same household is your pass.
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