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  1. Thanks for the info. Will try again later this week
  2. I don’t seem to be having the same luck as others for Salmon. Only getting the odd one or two. Have heard reports that guys are catching them like crazy. Anyone want to share what fow they are at?
  3. Was on lake o today. They were still bad
  4. Are they always this bad? Or this year especially bad?
  5. Did anyone get out today? Wondering how bad they were today. Friday was bad!! Literally my boats floor was a different colour from stepping on them as I was fishing..
  6. Heard there were a ton of black flies up near Jordan
  7. Can anyone find anywhere that’s it’s clear who you can have in your boat! I have heard only ppl in same household but have also heard charters are going out with 5 ppl max. So confusing
  8. The mayor of St. Catharines just put out a statement saying that although the province says they can open he has chosen not to open garden city golf or public launches. I wonder what his rationale is!! Previously his office said the decision to close ramps was the provinces. is sunset beach ramp the only public ramp?
  9. https://fishncanada.com/news/more-boat-launches-to-be-opening/ sounds like it’s a municipal thing. I get that marinas were deemed non-essential but there are a lot of ramps that are not at a marina.
  10. Wait. I can shop for plants and flowers, go into lumber stores, and walk in a park but I can’t take my boat out with my son. Makes sense right?
  11. Just found out the decision is on the individual municipalities. Since all of Niagara’s municipalities are in a current state of emergency and they will remain closed
  12. I have heard that some of the US ramps are opening on Lake O. Was wondering if anyone has heard in public health in Niagara was going to lift the close order anytime soon. Or if anyone knows a contact person at Niagara public health to inquire
  13. Now just need those ramps to open
  14. I would really like to see the boat ramps opened back up. Again, fine ppl who aren’t filling the rules but let us others play
  15. What about someone moving? Would that be essential? Just thinking someone towing a trailer with snowmobiles or something because they have to move from one place to another. Is it essential?? Some would say so
  16. Heard they are all closed now. And even shore fishing. Wow.
  17. Anyone around queenston,scg&f boat ramps. Just wondering how busy they have been or if ppl are staying home?
  18. I have debated going out as well. Thought to myself that being on the open water away from everyone would be the best example of social distance. Going for a walk is encouraged so why isn’t a boat ride? I decided not to go. I think we are now at a point of don’t go out at all. Really I think they need to put a two week lock down in place, no incoming flights. Any leeway someone they give, someone will ruin it for the rest of us
  19. Last week I was at crystal beach and no docks in yet
  20. When do they typically put the docks in down in Port D. Was thinking this year may be earlier.. Anyone have any info?
  21. Thanks for the help. Ended up going with the 8.6
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