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  1. I can honestly say I haven't even steelhead fished, I enjoy just focusing on Pike around Gibson if this is how the rest of the winter is going to go. The winner this time of year at Gibson is to find the currents (which really isn't hard considering you can see it/the open water) and slowly fish it with a jig, spoon, something that's slow moving but very flashy in the cold clear water. I think what happens is the Pike just wait for baitfish to get swept in front of them through the current then they just go to town on it. It's been my luck in January/February so far, I know a guy who was dragging a bigger white swimbait and was getting follows but they will not spend too much energy chasing baits while they stay lethargic in the frigid water. I've also seen smelt in Gibson just floating on top of the water, the baitfish are where you are going to find these fish and it's so fun and challenging to do in February when the fishing is super slow yet you still have that chance of getting a nice fish.
  2. Thanks! Oh really eh? God, I could remember saying I would never be able to catch one out of Gibson, now i can't stop catching them, they get thrown in the mix of trying for Bass all the time haha
  3. Absolutely! It's not always perfect but then again fishing wouldn't be fun/challenging if it was :)
  4. Thanks a lot smerchly! good to see healthy fish come from Gibson regardless how big they are, especially knowing half the lake still has ice layers on it. I know the River is the hotspot this time of year for open water fishing but luckily Pike remain in season this time of year for days like today when the weather warms up in what should be the coldest month of the year (:
  5. Hey everyone, I’m Brandon, newbie to this group but not to fishing in Niagara that’s forsure. I’m a 26 year old avid fisherman living here and I just wanted to introduce myself and share a photo from literally a couple weeks ago! Everyone forgets about Pike this time of year with the cold days, mixed weather with ice and open water, the main course being steelhead or anything in the River. Well that 5 degree day a couple weeks back landed me this Pike on first cast, that’s right! You heard it, skirted jig with a paddle tail trailer dragged along bottom was scooped up on my first 5 mins showing up! My buddy (just yesterday) and I were out on Gibson and he caught one jigging the current with an Acme Kastmaster! I sure love going out on days when people drive by and must think (these youngens are crazy, all they are gunna catch is a cold!) 😁
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