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  1. Started back in the day with a Sitex paper graph. Had it really dialed in for riggin. Since then, had a few Hummin Birds and Lowrance units. Had better endurance & performance with Lowrance. Currently run 2 Lowrance Elite Ti2's with the 3 in 1 Active Imaging transducer on the stern and a hdmi on the bow. I think it is the best bang for your buck right now. It includes D2,Di,Si & Chartplotter with 3d capability, Chirp, Active Imaging, Fish Reveal, Live scan/recording, WiFi, Blue tooth, etc. Of course if ya have an unlimited budget there are more luxurious options
  2. You obviously have not been listening to the news today. Your fishing days are about to come to an end. Maybe for 18 months to 2 yrs. It's not Rocket Science. The medical experts and political leaders are stating no non-essential travel and asking people to stay home. Going fishing is non-essential travel. People will finally get it when they get that $750-1000 fine. No for a fact, 3 guys got dinged at a launch on Mitchell's Bay yesterday.
  3. Mikes is pretty good. Bought parts from them on several occasions.
  4. COVID-19 Update #7 - Province Orders All Outdoor Recreational Amenities Across Ontario Closed Posted on Tuesday March 31, 2020 Subscribe By Provincial Order, all parks, dog parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, municipal boat launches, docks and piers are CLOSED. Residents are permitted to have walk-through access of open green spaces as long as a minimum physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) is maintained. Residents are prohibited from
  5. Buddy sent me this info today. Pretty simple explanation of the threat of this virus and clarifies why nobody should be fishing right now. See the other the attachments regarding boat launch at Lake Scugog. There is no fish out there worth catching or spreading this thing. People are moving to their cottages to get away from populated areas. So now it is being transmitted to rural areas and they do not have the medical facilities to handle this. Look at the mess in Bobcaygeon. Do the right thing, stay home until they get this under control. Cause if they don't get it turned around, martial
  6. Rockey's for sure. Dealt with them several times. As Niagara River Fish says, they are very pro. Used to deal with Aikman's wont use them again.
  7. Give your head a shake. It's not crap. People are dying!!!!
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