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  1. One of your more toxic fish. Read the suggested servings in the fish eating guide
  2. Nice mix. Do me a favour and get Henry out for a day. I'd love to get him hooked on carp fishing as we have a lot of good water here in Fort Erie
  3. As for what gun you can use its basically up to what your municipality allows. In fort Erie shotguns are allowed but 22 center is the largest rifle. I like coyote but no they are not our friends but so many bleeding hearts that feed the dam wildlife think they are. The feeders and animal lovers that treat them like pets are the biggest problem
  4. Actually had a good time Bill. Good to see old friends too. You attract the best of the crowd for sure.
  5. Bill it was a great show this year. Miss the carp guy though. Had it in my head to buy a starter kit for my son. Rest in Peace Lorne Content was so tempting. Almost bought a shotgun, did buy some broadheads and would have bought waders but he was out of my size already. Love the stone and glass crafts but I make my own. They had some great ideas there. Saw some awesome carvings. I have wood carving friends who don't know about this show. Look up the Niagara Wood Carvers for next year. They'd benefit if they gain a few members and might be able to unload some hard work. The taxidermi
  6. LMAO the cycle we go through. I know they can smell and your apple idea works better than cover scent I think. Great idea really if you take it with you because dropping them just draws in coyotes. I've dropped corn and was inundated by birds who rat you out everytime you blink or yawn. Ya deer they smell but if you hunt in an area where human smells are normal like near the truck stop they it doesn't phase them. As for the pictures I just resized them. I had one so far I couldn't make small enough. Don't worry smerchly I'll show you how but you'll have to install irfanview again.
  7. What are your thoughts on camouflage and scent blockers etc? Myself I call BS marketing. It probably matters more in remote areas but I think if you sit perfectly still you're camo'd enough for most situations. Don't get me wrong, I wear camo almost every day it's a great fashion statement. I also find throwing a pillowcase full of weeds collected in the wash with your hunting clothes is an even better idea then scent covers or blockers but I've jumped out of my work truck smelling like plastics and gone straight to my stand and shot a deer within the first hour. Timing and lack of unnatu
  8. This property I'm currently on has had plenty of turkeys, deer and coyotes together. They've been providing a healthy balance for almost a century without our help. Many of our current laws were put in place because unmetered hunting was destroying the balance. It was man who extirpated wild turkey from the area. Now there is so much un-huntable land and so few turkey hunters that I think we'll see the wild turkey continue to thrive. Development is now there number 1 threat in our area.
  9. Antlers fall off every year after breeding season. They then start growing new ones. Antlers are covered in felt until late summer. What purpose having them fall off and regrow is beyond me but they're fun to look for in the spring.
  10. Actually I guess this size photo can work. If anyone's resolution is too high to see the pictures let me know and I'll try and max it out. Currently set to 6x4. The second photo with a single carcass was found within 20 yards of a hunters stand. My thought is it was put there by either a competing hunter or the neighbour who disagrees with hunting outside of coyote. A real unique situation where I hunt. Quite the battle between landowners, hunters and competing hunters. We've got some real beauties out this way. Anyone who has dealt with the Serbian crew out of Niagara Falls knows the ch
  11. Fishingking the debate continues as to whether they kill deer or just get caught with the mortalities they find. I'm certainly for them cleaning up the road kill. Also I shot my biggest buck 30 minutes after 2 large coyotes crossed my treestand. Wild turkeys, young deer and coyotes all in the same field at once. I guess it wasn't dinner time yet. Tyler it's driving me nuts that I can't use google image to host pictures. .2 megs is just so hard to get down to for upload here. It was a body pile anyway. DNorton I totally get that. When they're in my neighbourhood I try to sneak up on
  12. I was typing a response when you posted that. I also sent the question to Randy Tippin. Its been years so I don't even know if he's still employed there
  13. Well perhaps you're correct. I can't find it in the fish and wildlife conservation act. Perhaps it was an OHEP teacher who told us that you had to return the hide close to where it came if not having it tanned. Back then you weren't allowed to tan it yourself without a tanning licence either. You had to get that licence or return your hide to the wild. With that said I'll still search more for that info but what exactly are you supposed to do with it? The region won't accept it. They won't even take my geese carcasses. They certainly don't want these hides dumped near public areas like t
  14. I don't. It's like shooting crows. You can't really eat them and they have a purpose. If they are threatening livestock you do what you have to but just killing and dumping is not my thing. To each his own but when I find a body pile I just shake my head. Unnecessary carnage. I've never been chased or threatened by these dogs and enjoy watching them from my treestand. They are part of nature and when I hunt I try to blend in with nature. Not change it so it suits me. Coyotes may keep the deer away for a short time but I enjoy the wait. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kTHS5rWGu5x3uVLz7
  15. We struck out today. Tried a property usually good for one or 2 and came up empty. The neighbouring property owner got cold this winter and wouldn't let us on. Another neighbour explained how bad the hunters behaved this and last winter so no wonder. We have one more to try another day and then its off to land no one knows who owns because its foreign owners who don't respond. I did however check my racks left in a tree with my stand and it seems either the squirrels or mice have destroyed them.
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