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  1. The winter dock is in already Doc. I misunderstood and thought it was today so I dropped in to help. Bob, Ray and Captain Bob were there working on it and then Aldo and myself dropped in and lent a hand. Bill Ball and Stephen Harper (King of Coho) dropped in just on time for the picture. It is to be understood that this dock is use at your own risk and will not be maintained throughout the winter. There may be a pail of salt there and that's it. The rest is up to the guys brave enough to use it. Stay safe guys.
  2. Most places you can't fish off the docks. Either fish on the lakeside or from the wall away from any docks. I'd think this was just common courtousy myself. Look at it from the boaters view. However in Jordan they just don't like us to be there period. Why is that?
  3. Can anyone tell me why that is? Not looking for guesses just let me know if you know why.
  4. That would be Scotty I believe. He is an asset to the club. When things get hairy around there, he is a good guy to talk to as he can see through all the emotional BS. You'll see him buried in the computer come "kids day" in April programming in names and other data. Kinda looks like he's holding a rope or something. As usual he's down at the club when there is work to be done. Just like Paul.
  5. I'll be up there Tuesday for a walleye conference. Maybe I'll have to go a little early. What kind of spinners line etc do you recommend? Is the bottom full of line or is it safe to bump a body bait?
  6. Thanks Doc for workin the Docs. Docktor Feelgood Wish I could have been there to help. Spent all day sick coating myself in chemical dust instead. yaaaaaeh!
  7. He even makes the pier look small!
  8. Dan Andrews

    Seine Nets

    Hey Steve. try and be more sensitive than the other bait guys will ya. I mean I've told em don't net there it's full of huge spawning bass right now and they just shrug their shoulders and say well that's where the minnows are right now. You know what I'm saying? If you know there's damage being done then spare the fish from your profits. I'll ask at the club where they bought their 100 footer but I know it was expensive. I can't ask until Teusday.
  9. Thanks IBC for the Liberal View. It looks as though we have good heads on both sides of the house. I guess we'll have to see what happens when the fat lady sings however if you haven't followed suit yet, it's still not time to let your guard down. Don't let this stop you from sending off a letter. Looks like we'll be needing the practice from here on in.
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