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  1. For years they stocked the upper portions of the river but had to stop after VHS made its introduction. Seeing as the fish collected for sperm and eggs came from positive waters in the Grand and no VHS was detected in the Upper Welland River they cancelled the stocking program. At meeting with the tri-clubs and MNR I explained how hard it was to get volunteers and suggested the program might die even if VHS was detected up top and asked if we could continue stocking below the aquaduct which they agreed to and the triclubs have been stocking the bottom end ever since with Grand River fish and the last I heard the MNR was pumping the upper with MNR hatchery fish. So both sides should be productive. Amazing how getting involved and voicing your opinion can influence resource managers. They value those who don't mind getting their waders dirty and dedication a couple hours a week for a couple months. They had also suggested not stocking above the Dunnville dam until one of the Port C members pointed out that rainbows which were a carrier of the disease jump that dam on a regular basis so the fish lifts were able to be continued.
  2. They should do this they should do that...... Join the club and make the suggestions and get involved in the kids derby if you're concerned. As far as teaching kids to fish in a sanctuary complaint this isn't the first time an almost identical thread has been posted and it was explained then. The Port Colborne CC were the ones who lobbied for the sanctuaries in the first place. They also were involved in placing the markers buoys annually. I suspect they know where the boundaries are. Did you happen to contact the club with your concerns before criticizing them publicly? At the St Catharines Game and Fish derby on the first Saturday in May your bound to catch a few OOS fish which are quickly measured and released. I ask that all measures simply lay the fish fish's lips even with a line in the sidewalk then mark the tail with some spit or stick then get the fish back in the water then return to measure the marks. We also don't insist they kill the gobies. We simply tell them that's what the MNR wants them to do and why. Nothing worse then turning a kid off fishing by killing their first ever fish. We do count the OOS fish because they are all live returned. Although you can't please everybody and we'll never all agree getting involved and making the rules is the best way to satisfy a strong opinion and no matter which way it goes the kids win because without your support and volunteering there is no kids derby.
  3. Recall or not this demonstrates its still possible. Muzzle direction and like he said never load in the house. Great post
  4. All depends on whether or not its a shooter. If it didn't look meaty I'd do my best to find the antler sheds in the spring while eating the jerky of a bigger buck. Definitely a freak though. Great conversation piece
  5. Ya those ones on 15 are amazing powerful. The ones on the 12 just south of the QEW just rule that entire pond. The geese are afraid to let out a peep.
  6. I was out tonight. When I launched this afternoon I was marking fish but had to come in right away. Went back out after dinner with gear all fixed up and it was like all the fish vacated the area by the bakery and Nicholl's. Only marked a couple the whole time I was out there. Jesus it was like summer on Friday until 4:30 and the clouds rolled in. Bloody cool today and there's an southeast wind. Hopefully it straightens out before morning. Water was stained so just perfect for troutin. Saw a cray rainbow right off the wall by the Peace Brige today jumping continuously from 3 feet of water
  7. He was at the kids derby also. CLofchik not cool comment about his grandkid. He earned the rest himself though.
  8. Had an ammo can hidden in the rocks by Nicholl's It had garbage bags in it for the locals to do clean ups. A neighbour told me he's seen a lot of people cleaning up lately. If you took it not knowing what it was that's cool but please let me know. I'd like to replace it. We have a lot of dirt bags visiting this spot on a regular basis and it embarrassing to fish there so the more people clean up the better but if someone's going to steal garbage bags or the water proof container constantly I'll just let it stink.
  9. I'm betting this will be a rare "May" year http://ijc.org/files/publications/Ice-Boom-2011.pdf
  10. When farmers fences continuously get cut by sledders and they can't get help from police and can't get a shot gun bead on them this is their last resort. If this happened on a sanctioned trail this is attempted murder. If this happened on private property where they were not welcomed it is attempted suicide. We have a decent yard in Fort Erie with road allowance on both sides but the bastards just had to keep cutting across and ruining my kids well cared for ice rink. We put up a rope but I put yellow shopping bags to mark it but they got the message.
  11. Winners of the draw prizes for the Geocaching booth at the Niagara Outdoor Show. In order to be entered in the draw participants had to find one of three official Geocaches on the property or one of three demonstration caches we placed just for the show. We had plenty of entries but the 3 names drawn were: For a Rickard's Ball Cap, Berkley Clip-on light, Minn Kota Adventure Key chain and an Outbound Trail Runner Fanny Pack was Nathan Riel. For a Igloos tuque, Minn Kota Adventure Key chain and an Outbound Trail Runner Fanny Pack was Brian Custers. For a Coors Light Ball Cap, a 7 function pocket knife, Minn Kota Adventure Keychain and an Outbound Trail Runner Fanny Pack was Freddy Kliester. Thank you Bill Whitehead´╗┐ for donating the draw prizes and to everyone who visited our booth to talk about caching.
  12. "More" tab/ Base layers/ check parcels and addresses etc
  13. The MNR is not allowing this hunt. They have NO say. The MNR would like to allow us all hunt everywhere so they can manage the wildlife. The only one protesters can appeal to is the native councils themselves. Love the sheep boot reference lol
  14. So good to see we have someone who is interested in asking permission. Lets hope it becomes a trend. If you zoom in to 1/10000 you'll see the watershed/wetland shading. Another interesting feature if you use the Regional website version is historical imagry. It's really cool to go back and look at the 1934 imagery to see the difference from today.
  15. Well according to the owner this gator escaped. Where did you here it was stolen smerchly? http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2013/08/31/vehicle-kills-alligator-on-thorold-highway
  16. I wonder who stole it. If it was some animal rights liberation whackjob then it looks good on the murdering bastards Poor gator though. I wonder what sort of care they require in order to live an entire life cycle.
  17. The strippers used to topless sunbath there but the place closed Its not as busy anymore
  18. I saw a video on facebook showing how to harvest worms with walnut husks and it worked as good as the dish soap method only it seems safer for the environment. So I searched youtube for the video so I could share it here but found this more intriguing. Check out worm grunting. and here's the walnuts link for those of us who did not do well in drama class
  19. I would never anchor in rough water. I've been to 60 feet in my kayak. Know when to go home or when to not even try.
  20. http://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/2013/07/28/buffalo-man-falls-into-whirlpool-while-fishing
  21. My hole point to the worm business photo and giant worm thread was for the purpose of placing a geocache there. I could not get the giant worm so I went to Peter's and bought a Styrofoam worm box and smerch gave me some fake worms to put inside with a logbook, some trade items and a history lesson. Got the co-ordinates, the story the background and then noticed it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the map. There's already a geocache there dedicated to the Texaco that was there before the bait company. I already did all the work and spent the money. Can you guys give me the location of the primary competitors of this business during that time?
  22. Just found this awesome article about it. Thanks for telling me about the worm wars Loverofdrum http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=TIkxAAAAIBAJ&sjid=C6YFAAAAIBAJ&pg=1101%2C2795997
  23. I almost missed this one. Thought it was tomorrow :0
  24. Does anyone else remember the cold storage building that was on the North service rd between Martindale and 7th St? When I was a kid I picked 1000 worms at night and took them there in the morning where they gave me cash. There was a rectangular building there that just said "worms" or "Live bait" or something but I believe they only sold wholesale. I would love a picture of this building.
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