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  1. Maybe smerchly can take me for Father's day and pick himself something out
  2. There was a forum member at the time who created a walleye proboards forum and pimped it out here (my pleasure) and I kept an (eye) on that one but it never took off so I never added one. I'm betting if you offered to take Cliffy out for eyes he would consider the forum
  3. She was buying stuff for me. I heard bass like things that vibrate
  4. That would be perfect. My wife said she thought she saw some at the Love Shop too
  5. When I bought the site there was still a lot of animosity towards carp anglers and carp fishing in general. You just couldn't put up a carp fishing post without some jerk flaming the poster or sport. We curbed that by deleting some of those who just couldn't help themselves but be a prick but some carp anglers still wouldn't risk the monotonous abuse and simply stuck to carp only forums. Thus the NFN carp forum was born. If you look at big fat bass you'll see there are a lot of bass only anglers. Tournament anglers tend not to post much in the general forums and spend enough time in bass forums that they get the info updates they need elsewhere so there was no need to share here on NFN. Bass fishing is huge compared to any other species of fish targeted. They also contribute more back to the resources and their sport than others. When I owned NFN community was the thing I pushed the most. I needed guys like the bass tourney anglers to help with cleanups and events and they love doing it. Creating the bass forum was a way to try and lure them back. I didn't see great success there. Finally last but not least the trout fishermen. This was my biggest workload and headache. Never have I met a crowd of grown men that could keep the kindergarten teacher so busy with their squabbles and spats. That's my spot - your doing it wrong - there goes another fishing hole were daily occurrences. Thus the trout forum was born and you needed a minimal amount of posts to see or read it. This helped trim down the drama to a weekly thing and probably stopped slobs province wide of being informed when and where in our area to come throw their garbage and slit and toss the local trout population for eggs unless they were members here who actually post. I had considered making a musky forum because there are those who are passionate about that species specifically and they have the clubs to prove it. We also already had a musky forum that was paid for by a sponsor when I owned the site so creating a musky forum then would have been a bad idea for business and friendship. There are species specific clubs for all these fish but I'm not aware of any panfish or walleye clubs. A caught walleye is a dead walleye. Something has to go in the general forum or we wouldn't have much to read there. Unless you are passionate enough about one species you probably share it in the general fishing forum anyway. If your not passionate about carp you probably don't even go in that forum either. So I don't know what the current owner thinks but there's your explanation as to why the species specific forums are the way they are.
  6. I'm looking to buy a giant worm like a musky lure or just a novelty thing. Must be realistic like a soft plastic or something. Anyone know where I can find one? Got one you can spare?
  7. Some good geocaches right there
  8. Not too many fields or woodlots without turkeys nowadays Turkey hunting was the most inspiring hunt I've ever had the pleasure of doing but I don't do it anymore. I'd rather call them into range and snap the perfect picture then go to Tops and pay half the tag price for a dam good eating turkey. The MNR has their nerve asking that much for a bloody tag. Pops are way up and it's just not worth it money wise. First bird cost me nearly a grand when all was said and done. I have a tattoo to show my love for it but I won't bother paying to pull the trigger again for turkeys
  9. Honey Boo Boo rides again. You'll never understand their kind and you'll never see the end of them. Do what you legally can and except the rest or it will drive you crazy.
  10. Oops never mind, after some research I'm convinced what I saw was a sawyer beetle which I've seen up north of Parry Sound also
  11. I believe the story has inaccuracies. I have seen these beetles in Fort Erie and up on the Bruce Peninsula. Perhaps a lookalike? It was back in those same years however 2006/07
  12. Just remember that the huge budget the MNR deals with isn't just for fish and wildlife. Fish and wildlife is only one small division of the MNR. The MNR could shift money from one division and use it to enhance F&W. I think the CO's are doing a great job. I'm spread pretty dam thin at work and I gotta tell ya, someone suggesting I'm not doing enough would send me over the edge. If you think it's one government over another causing quality issues you better pull that toque back over the top of your eyes. New world and we have to help manage. There is a deputy warden position but instead of a badge you get to use your cell phone. How many times this year alone have we had someone come here and say they saw an offence happen but didn't say anything or even call the TIPS line? No they don't come right away but when they get enough calls they know they have to peel their thn layer out of one spot and move to the hot spot. Do we need more CO's? Heck ya. They know it we know it does your MP know it?
  13. My wife used to get up at 6 am for work at a restaurant a block away. I simply waited until she was sleeping and turned her alarm clock ahead one hour. Not the alarm just the time. She was up, dressed and had breakfast before she realized the other clocks in the house had changed. When I heard her say WTF I yelled APRIL FOOLS! from the bed. I was the only one laughing
  14. You can't hunt there. If your a licenced trapper you can as an agent for the landowner. Dave just try and tie up a live cat by the leg. There would be more of your blood on the ground than his when you were done. This thing was dead but the question is why? I'm thinking sicko
  15. That's a sale price. You can use it for geocaching but it has a separate program area for regular waypoint marking etc. I'm thrilled with it
  16. Personally I don't think it's a trap or snare. That wire doesn't move very easily. Looks more like someone used wire to affix bait or just hang it there to feed the yotes. Seems really weird but there's nothing saying that animal was alive when put there. I haven't seen it personally but I'd guess it was a dead cat. Affixing a live cat like that would pose huge challenges and I don't see any claws. Needs to be investigated but I doubt this is a target for coyotes.
  17. I'd be interested to see it work If you want a good place to introduce someone to geocaching I recommend the park where the Welland River meets the QEW meets Chippawa Creek. Good easy interesting caches except one hard one that is bound to get you hooked if you find it
  18. Making firetacks would be quite a job but I've made tiny roe bags and flies so I guess some reflective tape and glue would get er done. I think using a car GPS would be like using a Snoopy rod down at Queenston. I would suggest a new handheld which go for around $170. I got mine on sale for $125. I have an older Garmin and tried to use it so two of us could compete in a park but the technology is so much better these days I'm about ready to toss this old one out. Kinda like fishing with twisted mono and fighting bird nests all day. Not enjoyable. I was suggested to buy the Megallan GC or 110. I got the GC and glad I did. If you have the cash they also come with a touch screen but I haven't seen one yet. Kids absolutely love geocaching. In fact I find the crowd downright healthy. This isn't a boozing activity and they hold clean up events like us anglers do. I have met so many good wholesome people in the last couple months and all of them like the outdoors as much as hunters and anglers. I am planing a trip to St Johns Pond tomorrow if you want to join me. There are only two caches in there but more around the park on the sideroads and dead ends. That's another thing. I get around in the bush and watersheds but these caches are bringing me to features I never knew existed. If you wanna try it with me just sign up first and we'll meet down there. If my youngest will rise by 9 I'll bring him but I have my doubts. If you like it you may want to buy a GPS unit and even a premium membership so you can see the members only caches. One thing the kids really like is dropping a travel bug or geocoin into a cache. You log which geocache its in and when someone picks it up and moves it they log it and you get an email update. The kids enjoy watching their little toy with a dogtag on it move around the country or even earth. Warning though I've only been fishing once this year :0
  19. Well I figured it was about time. I've had that cheap US tree stand there for about 3 years and 2 years before that in another tree just 50 yards away. I'm not angry because I got my monies worth but I'm disgusted. I would just like to see the look on someones face when someone caught them in the act unscrewing someone else's foot pegs after taking down their stand and I'd like to ask them what the hell is going through their head as they are doing it. Would they not be ashamed to have their picture spread all over the internet? Would their parents be proud of them or as disgusted as I am? If anyone here has ever bought a used tree stand I'd be interested to know how much you paid for it. My stand was $30 new on sale at Dick's and the pegs were about a buck fiddy each. Hardly worth your reputation or skin if a testier hunter caught you.
  20. Here's a 2 minute explanation of the game http://www.geocaching.com/videos/#cat=cat:newbies&vid=-4VFeYZTTYs The gps co-ords only get you to the first fire tack. You can then use the same co-ordinates to get you back to the beginning. You have to be a member to have your cache listed and there is a reviewal process. Added to that everyone who visits the cache logs it on the site and leaves a comment so unless your the First To Find you'll be able to read any warnings or notes others think you should know. If you've never geo-cached before and want to try just sign up for that site, then hover over the "Play" tab and click the geocaching map link. You won't believe how many of these things are hidden right around your neighbourhood. Most of my finds have been in Fort Erie and my map is only have completed. When I started doing this I have having revelations because I remember seeing people at some of these locations and wondered why they were milling around. I've also found containers of dollar store junk with some scribbles on a piece of paper and been weirded out. Why is there a camoflauged container full of kids toys in the middle of the woods? It was a forum member here "Spotted Garr" that explained to me what it was. Anyway if anyone knows where to get these fire tacks I'd appreciate it. White tacks to get in and red to get out. A bear trap in the middle for the tree stand thieves.
  21. Anyone else here do any geo-caching? I did a night cache last week and the trail was marked with fire tacks which are basically a thumb tack with reflective tape on the button part. You could see them 100 yards away at night. I'm thinking these make a way better trail marker for getting in before sunrise or out after last light. I have 3 geo-caches I own and have found 111 so far. Helps pass the time until the rod tip thaws.
  22. Spiro I'd love to talk about that one. Port C and FE both have down to earth SPCA's but the others are whack! I plan to eventually tackle this topic for bullet news and I think your account is worth sharing. To tell you the truth I knew deep down who stole these dogs. These dogs were used for coyote hunting and the local coyote group shares every coyote story in the news on their facebook page and use stories like these to incite hateful anti-hunting comments. If you fight back they ban you. However this story seemed to escape their page. There was an eerie silence that made me suspect they were involved and I would simply love to see the connection. I bet if you checked their memeber list "of likes" you would see the perps name in there. I would keep a lid on it if you PM'd me the names
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