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  1. First of all if you can pick one turkey and actually legally kill it then you are a great hunter. Secondly I would take it IF it had the most value as table fare. I don't think the biggest is the best eating. My first turkey was huge so I have no desire to go bigger or to get a trophy. I actually donated those spurs and the tail to native artists and I don't think they would value the feathers of this bird. In fact it would probably make for some crappy fly tying. If this bird was the first to get in range and I had a clear shot I would take it and sleep good. If I did take this bird however I would definitely get it mounted because something unique is worth celebrating. Simply disposing of its feathers in the green bin would be a sad and unfitting end. If you couldn't afford a mount a nice framed photo would be a must.
  2. How was the first field dressing? I can still remember mine in the dark with snorting deer nearby. That is a good deer. My first was much smaller. Did he give you an easy shot or did he make you work?
  3. Via the Sporting Clubs of Niagara: The Loss of a Great Man To all our friends of LANZ Shooting Supplies & Silverdale Gun Club, If you have had the opportunity to meet Seth you would instantly feel the love he had for his family. He loved his wife Sara and his 3 girls with his whole heart. Never judge a book by its cover, tattoos, big bushy beard, a Harley, a cigar, a gun, and a funny 'Obama's dead' shirt was not an uncommon 'look' for Seth. Seth was a believer and follower of God, and was eager to share his knowledge with anyone who was interested. Seth's passion for life touched many people; he opened his heart and soul to everyone he met... unless you messed with his girls. He will be sincerely missed by all! Please pray for Sara, Ameris, Lillian, and Ruby in this time of loss. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 LANZALONE, Seth. It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of our dear Seth. Sunday March 3, 2013 with family by his side, at the age of 38. Seth will be greatly missed by his soul mate, wife, and best friend Sara. His three children Ameris, Lillian, and Ruby will carry their dad in their hearts forever. Seth is survived by his "mother dearest" Charlene Runge. He will forever be in the memories of his little brother Michael, and sisters Sarah (Martin) and Diana (Joe). Uncle Seth will be missed by his nephew and nieces Gavin, Savanna and Aurora. Seth's mother and father in law Joan and Doug Miller are extremely saddened by the loss of their son. Brother in law of Jimmy (Tiffany) Miller. Seth will be missed by many close friends that will never forget the time they shared with him. Predeceased by his father Ernest Lanzalone (1989). Our family takes great comfort in knowing that Seth has been called home to serve his Lord and Savior. Family invites friends to PLEASANTVIEW FUNERAL AND RECEPTION CENTRE (corner of hwy #20 and Merrittville, 905-892-1699 on Thursday March 7th from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm. A celebration of Seth's life will take place in the funeral home chapel on Friday March 8th at 11 am. As an expression of sympathy, donations to "Daddy's Little Girls" trust fund would be greatly appreciated by his family. Share online condolences, photo's, and memories at www.pleasantview–cemetery.ca
  4. I'm not sure if that assumption is far fetched or not but take a look at this. Will we ever have enough electricity? http://www.wnypapers.com/news/article/featured/2013/02/23/109854/village-of-lewiston-board-receives-update-on-turbine-proposal
  5. I have one for my kayak. I cut both ends off a tin can (can of tomotoes size) and siliconed it to the inside of the hull behind my seat. Then I fill it with water and drop in the transducer. It goes through the plastic hull just fine as long as it is submerged in water. Suction cups suck.
  6. I love coyotes and have a lot of respect for them. I understand why some have to be managed though but just wish everyone who did hunt them would utilize them the best they could not waste or wound them. I know a few guys who shoot them in the head as not to waste the pelt. Not cool. What I don't like are these coyote watchers who not only distort the facts, omit information and defend coyotes at any cost but they take every opportunity to smear all hunters both politically but on a personal level. Reading the above they would call this a "profile change" despite myself always respecting all wildlife. I really hope if there is ever a human fatality caused by coyotes it's one of them that goes down. They are nothing but a bunch of ARA's, antihunting whackjobs that work hard to change the public's perception of hunters to something totally unacceptable. David Suzuki makes some amazing TV material. I don't take much of what he says seriously but its good entertainment and awesome camera work
  7. I didn't see any woman in those pictures
  8. I saw it on an antihunting site. They sure were discussing it. My take is bye bye MNR. They seem to be dumping a lot of administrative stuff as well as duplication of services provided by the MOE. I kinda get the feeling the The MOE will absorb them.
  9. I need advice before I make the trip. I want to put my kayak in at Hidden Valley Rd and want to know if there is anything down stream to stop me like fenced off dams that can't be portaged over etc. This should bring me right through the RBG and I want to finish up at Lake Ontario. Starting point just up the road from here: https://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&ll=43.307036,-79.868487&spn=0.00226,0.003449&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=43.306992,-79.868379&panoid=jmRlGlbj1E-qlb-ZC0Tx2A&cbp=12,48.14,,0,0
  10. Oh oh my bad then hammer because I wrote in my article that endangered species can also be impacted by grazing animals lol. Browse, graze, chew, lick........
  11. I seem to have missed the pissing match. I was just saying I disagree with all the security. The whole thing is bloody silly and any pissing match that happens here just makes us all look like kids. Whatever you said I have no problem with it. And the redneck comment is cool too.
  12. I strongly disagree with this. They should have warned the public and then left the native hunters to call for help if they needed it like the rest of us. The only reason they should have to give notice is because normally the park isn't hunted and it out of our regular season. Then if anyone interrupted this legal hunt intentionally the ministry should lay the charges and follow it through setting an example with the strongest financial penalty possible. that way the circus ends up in the courts instead of the countryside. The signage and public notice should have been enough (providing they didn't try to keep it quiet and give sufficient notice. This park should have never been closed. The public is supposed to stay on the trails and there's plenty of room left for archery. The NPCA doesn't close similar parks or give notice, post signs or hire extra security for hunting in their Niagara Parks and no one gets hurt because the hunters know what's at stake. Cliff can I post a link to my story now that it's been published? I don't make a dime on it
  13. Canadude can I at least use your name and quote you from what you've provided here?
  14. This is not an ARA site but they are ARA friendly. Our local ARA group has finally come clean and said exactly what's on their mind. This is good to finally have some blunt honesty. I still think they're whack jobs but at least now everyone can see the truth about NAFA and make up their own mind. Love the comment section here http://niagaraatlarge.com/2013/01/03/citizens-group-opposes-planned-deer-hunt-in-niagara-ontarios-short-hills-provincial-park/
  15. I just wanted at least one view from inside the park that sees a problem with the population. Someone who actually understands. That park however is run by people who answer to politicians who answer to the loudest squeaky wheel so nothings going to change anyway and that park will continue on it's journey to [CENSORED]. The native spokesperson made a huge mistake saying they would be deterred if there was too much protest. I told him he just turned it into a circus. Wait till next week. They've had more notice now! BTW good point about not being able to keep the trash out of our stands now. Freaking dummies are down there trying to stop the hunt too. It's not the natives that are keeping us from managing the deer. The farmers haven't been too co-operative with the hunters either but who can blame them? We really have proven ourselves a menace. I know I for one have made contact and have found some new conservation partners. . If there are other hunters that would enjoy a conservation partnership with these guys shoot me a pm with your 411
  16. I was going to finish that article tonight but one of the anti's has provided a different picture as to whether it is indeed treaty land and whether they had to request permission. It is getting more complex by the minute but it should be cut and dry. I also want to hear from Canadude if he'll wade in with me. I have a picture of your 5some I got tonight.
  17. No I was wrong! Talked to the Haundensaunee spokesperson today. He never said he wouldn't want us to hunt it during regular season but did say that they consider hunting very dangerous and having everyone in the field at once is a bad idea. They hunt as a unit and everyone knows each other and where they are. Having the park to themselves during this hunt is what makes it special and affirms their treaty rights. No the MNR didn't give them permission but the MNR has always wanted to manage the deer there and can't because the Ontario Parks (OP) won't allow it but seeing as OP doesn't have a say in the matter the MNR can use this opportunity. I saw a lot of whacko's down there tonight. One guy from Niagara Action for Animals said he's not against killing some deer but thinks the "Park Rangers" should be doing it. Another guy was on a private horse farm on Holland Rd blowing an air horn. When he came out I asked if he realized he may be scaring deer to the hunters and he replied "Yes but a running deer is much harder to shoot than one that's standing still". The farmers don't seem to want to get tied up in this at all. Anything they say will bring harsh criticism from one side or the other. So I didn't get the answers I was expecting but I do think the Haundensaunee are prepared to work along with us on conservation project unlike the anti-hunters. The areas they have been hunting such as Navy Island and Hamilton park they will also be conducting some invasive species removal, tree planting etc. Not all first nations or Indian bands have rights to hunt shorthills. This isn't an Indian thing it's a Haundensaunee Nation thing.It's amazing what you can learn by actually making contact with different organizations and speaking respectably and try to understand. An open dialogue last a lot longer than a stone throwing. ​Personally I think we need to invite them to the sporting clubs some time after the hunt and get to know each other. They don't understand us much more than we understand them. It's time this changes
  18. OK I haven't read all the posts yet. Nothing after page two actually but I can tell you and I did confirm it with the MNR Park Superintendent that the MNR made an error when issuing their bulletins. The MNR did NOT allow these natives to hunt this land. The MNR can not stop them if they wanted to The MNR are only ensuring this remains a safe hunt The natives are offering the MNR their co-operation by restricting the hunt to one corner of the park amongst other things I see this MNR mistake as the spark that lit a lot of the controversy around this hunt. I am going to make contact with the Haundensaunee today if I can because I suspect they would support allowing ALL races to hunt this land during the regular season. I now believe the MNR made the same mistake when releasing their news release around Navy Island and I will be contacting the MNR next week to offer my help fixing the deer exclosures on Navy Island IF the natives agree to partner with us non-native hunters. Again the MNR is NOT allowing this hunt nor did they contact or ask the aboriginals to do it. The indians said this is how it is, like it or lump it. The MNR liked it as do us hunters so they are co-opertaing with each other. It would be arrogant for the MNR to think they could stop it not that they would want to. So for all you white boys hating the natives right now, give it some more thought. BTW even if the Indians partner with the rest of us to open the park to everyone it's not likely to happen. Firearms laws and Ontario Parks rules will be hard to change. For those who think it isn't ethical or safe to hunt a park just check out all the parks the NPCA lets us hunt and those parks never close during the hunt. It's all just a bunch of hoopla right now. Lets not feed the fire by falling for it
  19. John I want to interview you. 905-321-8062
  20. Sweet ride. I'm headed to Navy Island tomorrow to take pictures and maybe shoot a goose or two. That should get you there quick. I'm jealous
  21. Great job and good luck. The problem extends far beyond the Port Dalhousie Harbour though. I'm not sure what the answer is anymore. http://www.baysoundings.com/sum05/rescue.html
  22. Warming trends may also be accelerating their numbers. I like eating bass out of cold water. Why does the dude make so much sense lately?
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