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  1. Thanks Fish Farmer Had my prop repaired there. Good service and reasonable price. Cheers
  2. Would anyone know where I can get an aluminum prop repaired? Either in Niagara or Hamilton? Cheers.
  3. I've heard that Canadians boats are not allowed to fish the NY side of the lower river. Supposedly its a border issue. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If so, is it being enforced? Thanks in advance.
  4. Drove down to Queenston boat this morning under the impression that boat ramps are open. Got there at 0630 and was surprised to see it was closed. Anyone know why its closed? Is it maybe because the border is closed? And we cant fish US waters? Went to Port D instead, and it was a gong show. Probably 50-60 trailers.
  5. Kenny's Reel Repair 62 Rosedale Ave. Hamilton 905-979-5152 He repairs reels, rods. Makes some custom tackle as well. Nice guy and quite reasonable.
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