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  1. Perch would be good for kids...any panfish, I suppose? Have a 32 yr old granddaughter that is a fanatic fisherman..would like to see her catching well. Last year, along river, she only caught gobys.
  2. As far as spots on the canal, what to look for?  Any problem fishing around the rowing docks, as long as not being used at that time?  Also, any structure along shore?   Must be a variety of of fish in the water?


  3. New Member..and shore fisherman with grand kids...How about fishing in the Flatwater Rowing areas? And what fish are found in there?
  4. O.K. it is 2020 now and I have just come across your forum. I would like to take my great granddaughter fishing at Duff, but, are there fish in the pools again? And if so, what species.
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