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  1. All the Covid breaks are over, now they'll start charging more to make up for lowering the cost for the last 6 months. And 5 bucks more to launch at Sugarloaf? Man that's got to be almost 20 bucks a pop now. Add the gas(lib's carbon added) and bait costs, that I'm sure are going up too. Might be cheaper to buy walleye from Minor's, already filleted. Not as fun though...
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    Ya, I always bring a container or two on a trip to Simcoe. Just don't forget to keep em in the fridge, got a vibrating surprise a few years back after they hatched into flies in my basement.
  3. Thanks smerchly, I'm similar to your dog. Try to lay on top of my wife from time to time, but she just kicks me off and tells me to go fishing.....YES it worked! Took a walk to Ramey's today, shoreline already getting soft. Careful is the word of the day...
  4. Fished it twice now, ice varies from 5-8 inches. As far as fishing, not good. A few small perch and the odd pike swimming around. I made it to the channel by the big building the other day, thought the deeper water may be better - wrong. Seems around the docks are the place to be. But nothing special, sometimes its just nice to get out...
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