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  1. If you have any cats or dogs, watch out. I know people who lost big, strong dogs to those buggers. One will keep the dogs attention and the others attach from the rear.
  2. Tough year on my end as well, all the tom's on my property are hen'd up and will not leave them. Very frustrating listening to them get led away every morning. Getting them in is only half the battle, hitting one in the head with an arrow is the real challenge. The landowner doesn't want guns on his property, oh well still nice to be outdoors. Hopefully Ill find a loner soon...
  3. 99% of us have done something "rookie" at a launch, it happens. Most of the guys are patient because we remember. Port D on the other hand used to give me fits, the current used to play havoc with bringing the boat in to trailer home. Saw a few boats get way out of shape and one actually hit the boat on the other ramp. Worst thing is I don't find it consistent at all, probably dependent on the spillway current. Eventually I got the hang of it and you will as well. All part of the process, good fishing.
  4. Wow, can drink a coffee and kill a turkey at the same time.
  5. Jeesh, it never ends does it? How about sending cops or bylaw officers down to fine the people who litter instead of taxing all of us who like the outdoors?
  6. Bought my season pass for the Pt Colbourne ramp a while ago, they're still taking money online. The problem is if its the only ramp around it will be crazy busy with boaters coming from all over the place. Then they'll use that excuse to close it, man I need to get on the water....
  7. The government has been cutting the MNR budget for years, I think we still only have one or two CO's for the entire region. Not that our license fees have continued to rise though. In my 30 years of hunting and fishing I've seen one, not a great deterrent. The States seem to put more of a priority on hunting and fishing rites, enforcing the laws fully. If you trespass to hunt in most States you could get jail time, here basically nothing. Unfortunately our rites as outdoorsman are not a factor for our politicians. How long did it take to get the spring bear hunt back after they cancelled it wi
  8. Wow, 320 acres. That's awesome, wish I had access to that much land to wonder. Go get em and good luck, been seeing birds strutting for a couple weeks already. Hope its a good year, with the mild and basically snow free winter we just had.... 🦃🔫
  9. Outdoor activities are permitted, just within your our household. Another words you can't hunt with your buddy, most guys hunt turkeys alone anyways. Golf courses are even staying open, but your group has to take separate power carts. More details below, I'm no computer genius - hope this link works 😂 https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-s-stay-at-home-order-your-top-questions-answered-here-1.5378157
  10. Digger


    It is nuts down there, and forget about social distancing, shoulder to shoulder. Most are of Asian descent and the guys I spoke to came all the way from Hamilton/Burlington. I left about 12 inches between myself and the guys beside me - 2 guys showed up and squeezed in. And the fish are not even in thick, left with about 40 before I did something stupid...🤬
  11. Man, Catfish Derby. My brother won 1st place with a big carp the first year that derby was held. Make me realize how old I've become.🤔
  12. All the Covid breaks are over, now they'll start charging more to make up for lowering the cost for the last 6 months. And 5 bucks more to launch at Sugarloaf? Man that's got to be almost 20 bucks a pop now. Add the gas(lib's carbon added) and bait costs, that I'm sure are going up too. Might be cheaper to buy walleye from Minor's, already filleted. Not as fun though...
  13. Digger


    Ya, I always bring a container or two on a trip to Simcoe. Just don't forget to keep em in the fridge, got a vibrating surprise a few years back after they hatched into flies in my basement.
  14. Thanks smerchly, I'm similar to your dog. Try to lay on top of my wife from time to time, but she just kicks me off and tells me to go fishing.....YES it worked! Took a walk to Ramey's today, shoreline already getting soft. Careful is the word of the day...
  15. Fished it twice now, ice varies from 5-8 inches. As far as fishing, not good. A few small perch and the odd pike swimming around. I made it to the channel by the big building the other day, thought the deeper water may be better - wrong. Seems around the docks are the place to be. But nothing special, sometimes its just nice to get out...
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